Last Prince Charles post of the week, we promise. Following the story released earlier this week that the anti-modern hating Prince tried to get Jean Nouvel booted off a project back in 2005, it looks like Richard Rogers might finally be getting his wish, as the UK government’s Charity Commission is deciding whether or not it should begin an investigation looking into his architectural meddling. The Prince himself, as just an individual, has the right to try and convince anyone to do anything, but the issue of investigation has been raised to see if his charitable foundation has been at all involved with said interfering. Critics claim he has used his Foundation for the Built Environment as more of a lobbying group and not a typical organization created to foster public good, hence why the Charity Commission would be interested. Although no inquiry has been launched yet, we can just imagine how many fireworks there will be if it does happen. We’ll make sure you’re front and center if it all goes down.