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Chip Kidd and the Artbreak-ers: A Little Light Reading


According to our top-level informant/groupie embedded at tonight’s highly-anticipated Artbreak (get it?) concert, Chip Kidd took the stage for a brief reading from his new novel The Learners (above) before rocking the house (below).


The Closest Thing to a Rock Star In Graphic Design Becomes an Actual Rock Star


He asked where his groupies were. The answer: The Lion’s Den, 11pm, New York City.

Hmmmm, now what would a Chip Kidd groupie wear…a Jurassic Park t-shirt?

The GUM Guys Dedicate Themselves to Being Lemon Men


Before we lost our minds in Miami, we met up over PBRs, ever so briefly, with Kevin Grady and Colin Metcalf, who were in town giving a presentation at Art Center. You might remember their bubblicious GUM, which was kinda like a comic book, kinda like a magazine, kinda like a limited-edition toy. Then they launched Lemon, a straight-up zine, which we praised awhile back for both its creativity and its amazing list of contributors: Malcolm McDowell, Billy Corgan, Leelee Sobieski, Ray Bradbury, Pop Levi, Matthew Modine, Gary Baseman, Chip Kidd, Stefan Bucher and Jill Greenberg were just in the last issue alone.

Grady and Metcalf told us that as much as they love making GUMs, they sure are a heckuva lot of work (they have day jobs, too, if you can believe it); instead, they’re looking to plump up Lemon, making it more like an annual. Their next issue, which we can’t divulge much about yet, sounds awesome. Let’s just say they’ve been watching a lot of men in white spandex. Events to celebrate the release will be in the form of Milk Bars (we don’t know what that means, but apparently it involves rum) held in NY and LA in early 2008, so keep your eyes peeled.

Best Book Covers of 2007? You Be the Judge


The nice people at Murketing directed us towards the first of many, many, many, many, many, many, many end of the year round up lists, compiled by The Book Design Review blog. Peruse these picks of the best book covers of 2007—including some of our favorites by Chip Kidd, Rodrigo Corral, Paul Sahre and the fabulous specimen to the left by Evan Gaffney.

Vote for your favorite at the end or enter into the fray in the comments. Let the best-of season begin!

At Home With the Closest Thing to a Rock Star In Graphic Design


When not being a slave to the beat, Chip Kidd hangs his Walter Gropius-styled eyeglasses in a now-famous apartment in New York. While not the first publication to peek inside Kidd World, the Telegraph’sWarning: Graphic Material” gives us the gratuitous Jurassic Park reference and the anecdote about the cover that almost killed Augusten Burroughs‘ book Dry. But for some reason we were drawn to this very important paragraph:

USA Today called him ‘the closest thing to a rock star’ in graphic design today. To which Kidd responds, ‘It’s cringe-inducing. It makes me wonder: “If I’m such a rock star where are my groupies?”‘

Although we beg to differ with the USA Today quote–it was actually Veronique Vienne who was quoting other sources, see for yourself–Kidd gives a very good reason for why he gets a little more attention than his peers:

“I think that I get recognition for my work only because it’s standard that your name gets put on the back flap of the book if you’re a book designer. It’s not standard for most graphic designers.”

And really, must you ask where your groupies are? We’re right here, Chip. We’re right here.

One More Dinosaur Bone To Pick


Add another chapter to the Chip Kidd-Howard Grossman epic Jurassic vs. Tyrannosaurs book cover battle. Lisa Turner sends us the tiny image you see to the left along with this little anecdote:

Actually, the story is more complicated than what you’ve reported. What’s really interesting is that Jurassic Park’s cover looks almost exactly like Doug Preston‘s first book, published years earlier, called Dinosaurs in the Attic (about the Museum of Natural History). Here’s the original Doug Preston cover, changed later (possibly so it wouldn’t look like Jurassic Park).

Later versions of the book are certainly different but it’s still hard to tell if Kidd actually ripped off this book’s design. Our list of potential dinosaur imagery is limited, for obvious reasons, so there’s only so much you can do with the subject matter. If someone wants to contribute some more evidence to this archaeological design dig, we’d be grateful. Or if you could send us a book cover actually designed by a dinosaur, that would be awesome, too.

HOW, You Ask?


Our friends at HOW were kind enough to remind us that their annual conference is just around the corner–June 10-13 to be exact–and in order to save a few bucks, you’ll want to sign up before April 13. They just keep adding UnBeige favorites to the Atlanta lineup: Chip Kidd, Steff Geissbuhler, Deborah Sussman, Gary Baseman, Armin Vit, Hillman Curtis and many many more. Early Bird registration ends this Friday, after which you’ll be paying full price and have nothing left over for tickets to the all new World of Coca-Cola.

The Onion-College Party


Where to begin in our extensive SXSW party coverage? How about early evening on the only night it hadn’t been raining at sundown. We made our way over to Club de Ville, where the best panel of the entire festival held a happy hour. The folks from Nerve,, The Onion, College Humor and all had their peeps popping sushi and free drinks. We even hosted in place of the irreplaceable Laurel Touby (Happy birthday, Laurel!).

All sorts of Austin local people were there (are you guys all that friendly?), including freelance writer Theresa Everline who is–get ready for this–Chip Kidd‘s sister-in-law! No joke. She’s even housesat for him. We also ran into several wayward LA pals who were arriving for their music duties, like Jeff Miller, LA editor of Thrillist.

Since it was the only clear night in recent memory, as the sun went down we started thinking about our old friends over on Congress Street. We weren’t the only ones. As we were complimenting College Humor/Vimeo‘s Jacob Lodwick on his performance at the day’s panel (see 48 minutes in), College Humor/Vimeo co-founder Zach Klein approached and told him they were leaving to see the bats. “The Bats?” said Lodwick. “Down at the bridge,” said Klein. “Is that a club?” said Lodwick. “Not The Bats, the bats! The animals!” laughed Klein.

Only at SXSW.