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Core77 Owns Up to the Great Tobias Wong Switch


When the guy to the left took the stage pretending to be Tobias Wong (the guy to the right) at Core77′s Design, Wit and the Creative Act, Stephanie’s BS radar blipped right away. However, this was a panel on design wit (more disturbing perhaps was the fact that the crowd of designers didn’t seem to get the joke). A few months later, Core77 has finally delivered the punchline. So who was this impostor?

Rama Chorpash, chair of the Undergraduate ID Dept. at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and a great designer to boot, did what can only be described as a pitch-perfect job of presenting Tobias’s work (and later answering, Q&A as Tobias, remaining authentic to the designs as well as the philosophical underpinnings of the Wong oeuvre.

You can watch video of the event for proof of his acting skills; Chorpash never breaks character, and neither does Wong (oh, how we wish we could say the same for Jimmy Fallon). Wong assumes Chorpash’s identity during the cocktail hour and praises Wong’s “genius,” a priceless little moment in design wit itself.

Also up, and every bit as funny, are videos from the rest of the presenters: Ze Frank, Paul Budnitz, Steven Heller and Kelly Dobson.

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“As Long as it Lasts…” Designer Tattoo Parlor Claims Its First Victim


What can we say? We get excited about the fact that people will let someone dig a needle into their skin for an hour or two in the name of design. We stopped by “As Long as it Lasts…” booth last night where–before the exhibition officially opened to the public–someone was in the chair getting inked. Supercute Tobias Wong already had the KAWS one on his calf, too.

Like any tattoo parlor, this is a place where the cool kids hang out, and will definitely be the social center of the Design Miami hoopla. They’ve got a lounge perfect for relaxing while you watch others wince in pain. Bernadaud is serving Haagen-Dazs with Delphine Frey‘s porcelain cones next door. So the whole thing is kinda like a circus. With that pleasant buzzing sound in the air.


Team Tattoo: Josee Lapage, Tobias Wong and Aric Chen.

tattoovictim1.jpg tattovictim2.jpg

The first victim opted for Lawrence Weiner‘s Sink or Swim design. He didn’t cry or nothin’.


Philip Wood of CITIZEN:Citizen, Google’s Jenn Shreve and Chronicle Books’ Alan Rapp abstained.


Jill Singer models her 5.5 Designers ink–oh, just kidding, it’s only a temporary.

Andrew Andrew Know Design Design


The same night someone pulled off an exceptional Tobias Wong impression and CITIZEN:Citizen sold his $95 box cutters without a hint of irony, we were much more intrigued with this object, offered by vendors Andrew Andrew during Paper’s 24-hour retail marathon.


Dressed in matching prepwear, the Paper mascots and DJs curated their own collection of design, for sale at prices listed in their own currency, the value of which fluctuated wildly throughout the night. The box cutter could be yours for $94, priced to undercut nearby CITIZEN:Citizen’s real thing. Can you tell the difference? Seriously, can you? We can’t.


Restaged historical photos went for astronomical prices, and we have to say we liked some of them–like Gandhi in front of a brownstone–better than the real thing. There were obvious nods to Moss, and some pieces were especially inspired, like a Lladro figurine coated in car paint, which we found to be awfully beautiful as an homage to liberty. Or something.


After 24 hours in the design business, the Andrews were not feeling as optimistic. When we caught up with them on Saturday at Elizabeth Paige Smith‘s party in Venice, they looked completely beat. “Our market collapsed at about 3am,” one Andrew said glumly. The looked like they wanted to go home.

Hours later and few miles away from the party, we were startled by a car honking wildly at an intersection. We turned to our right, only to find an ecstatic Andrew Andrew, who somewhere between Venice and Culver City had found the will to carry on.


Core 77′s Offsite Highlights Design, Wit and the Creative Act


You’d be crazy to miss an opportunity to see UnBeige heartthrob Ze Frank in the flesh, and in this instance you’d be especially crazy, since Frank will be headlining a well-rounded roster of folks all very special to the Un, for an entire afternoon sponsored by Core77.

Their next offsite event on November 9 features Paul Budnitz, Kelly Dobson, Steven Heller, Tobias Wong talking about using humor, wit, irony, even subversion, to entice and entertain a new type of consumer. It will be moderated by aforementioned witty designer Frank, who even has a fancy, new and quite appropriate job description: Digital Age Satirist.

Early bird prices end October 19, so snag a seat, won’t you?

Core77 presents Design, Wit, and the Creative Act:
Leveraging the power of humor towards great customer experiences

November 9th, 2007
Art Directors Club, 1106 W 29th St., New York, NY
2 to 6pm
$125 by October 19th, $175 after October 19th

Register here.

Design Week & ICFF Wrap Ups


While it may have seemed it was all about lines and more lines (not that kind, you filthy little animal), ICFF & Design Week are slowly petering out and the city is returning to a place where Tobias Wong doesn’t offer cigarettes on the sidewalk and we don’t stalk Yves Behar (nearly as much).

BusinessWeek talks to some of the folks we chatted with pre-game to get their post-game thoughts, while Piers Fawkes gives his two trendy cents. No surprises really: It’s big, it’s American, it’s spilling over into the ‘hoods, and more people are focusing on sustainability, although not nearly enough. We’ll tell you, though, there was one thing that surprised even us this year–the voracious, near-rabid attendance, media frenzy and blog coverage surrounding what’s basically…a trade show? Some PR company doesn’t have to work very much the rest of the year, do they?

Another interesting thought crossed our mailbox early this week, from Sir Steven Heller:

What I’d like to see out of Design Week is a NEW presence for graphic design. The field is in a slump, in large part because its overshadowed by all these other media that, in my humble opinion, have usurped elements of graphic design.

Could it be true? Is graphic (and web, and product, and design thinking, and whatever else have you) missing out on a tremendous opportunity to bank on the Design-ness of the week? Might all the forgotten fields have a chance to redeem themselves during–gasp–National Design Week?

We think it’s too late, really. The pretty chairs have stolen the show.

ICFF Beyond Javits Center Walls


You can’t spend the whole ICFF inside Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, you know. Well, you can, but eventually the Tord Boontje ripoffs will start to trigger laser-cut psychedelic flashbacks, causing you tear off your clothes as you hump the nearest Prettyves Behar seating prototype and rendering you blind in one eye.

Last year, this article in the Architect’s Newspaper highlighted offsite events, which mostly hold true this year, except for the fact that BKLYN DESIGNS was last weekend and there’s no Altoids Living Spaces in Williamsburg this year (maybe because judge Karim Rashid has his own gig).

The Meatpacking District’s listings have grown, and major buzz swirls around HauteGREEN, whatever Murray Moss touches and Tobias Wong‘s store. Find it all with the all-new Core77 Design Week Guide Google Map–parties marked with martinis, of course.

But please be careful. You can only look at so many gorgeously-rendered wood tables or “get it?” design puns before you’ll start to succumb to design fatigue. Unlock your knees, grab the specialty cocktail of the nearest alcohol sponsor, and do not, do not, look directly into the lacey floral curtains. You were warned.

New York Design Week With the Experts


Just about as close to anyone can come to “owning” Design Week in NY, Core77 has our vote for best prep work and will likely rule the post-bash coverage as well. Their New York Design Week Preview is up, with shows and exhibitions organized by neighborhood and partytimes broken out by date, ensuring your New York Design Week to be as jam packed as you desire.

Our pick, in case you were wondering: Tobias Wong‘s The Wrong Store.

McDonald’s Tells Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid To Quit It


Our friends at CITIZEN:Citizen in SF write to tell us they’ve been hit with a cease and desist order from McDonald’s Corporation for selling the product to the right. Although we can’t imagine why, can you?

Coke Spoon 2, designed by Tobias Wong and Ken Courtney (Ju$t Another Rich Kid) is part of the designers’ series of useful gold-plated accessories which also includes the ball-point pen cap Coke Spoon 1 (no complaints from Bic yet). Mc Donald’s has ordered the product be removed from CITIZEN:Citizen’s website.

Odd, because McDonald’s apparently already discontinued these spoons–the real spoons:

The original plastic coffee stirrer was taken out of production when the fast food conglomerate discovered it was being used for drug purposes in the 1980′s. McDonald’s became uncomfortable with the affiliation when the coffee stirrers were constantly being used as Exhibit A’s in drug cases.

Have you had your break today?