This week’s House & Home is way too exciting for a close reader (something we keep waiting for, no dice). Seems half the stories were late-August saves and half–okay, one–were on-the-nose punditry in the face of a recent news-altering meteorological disaster. A top story, “Can Design Prepare for Disaster?” is a nice plug for our favorite curator Paola Antonelli’s new MoMA show, SAFE, initially postponed because of 9/11 (meta) and now running right when fear is at an all-time high. In an extremely rare self-referential moment the section’s writers/editors actually mention themselves (from the Department of Redundancy Department). And then of course Paola. And then seven designers including ubiquitous Gregg, rebellious Toby, and we-don’t-know-enough-about-him-personally-to-come-up-with-an-appropriate-adjective Sagmeister. There’s some interesting stuff in there but mostly we’re toggling so much back and forth between natural disasters and terrorism that we can’t quite figure out if anyone’s got any tips for pre-empting either. We’ll parse:

Smart Cars, Surveillance Camera Players, cellphones, Go Bag, biohazard suits, bike helmets, ID cards, and, wait for it…um, Robert Moses.

If we ever get a home, we’re never leaving it. Ever.