We’d seen a small snippet about this over the weekend, but weren’t exactly sure what it was all about. Luckily, Life Without Buildings pointed us in the right direction with some more info and a whole bevy of quality links. Just announced, The Sundance Channel will be shooting/airing a six part documentary series about students in Tulane University‘s architecture program as they put their recently acquired skills to use in build a home for a family in New Orleans. The name of the show? Architecture School (because the rule is for reality television: make the title instantly understandable to even drooling infants). Like we said, visit Life Without Building’s site to learn more — not so much about the show, since the info above is about all that’s been released, but for additional info about Tulane’s program, their building of other houses in New Orleans, etc. We also dig their guess about what the show will be like: “I’m thinking The Hills but with heavier drama and more recreational drug use.”