Full disclosure: I worked as a contract designer for Spot.us from late 2009 to early 2011.

Today the crowd-funded reporting organization Spot.us announced it’s been acquired by American Public Media’s Public Insight Network.

Spot.us is a site that allows freelance journalists and reporting organizations to pitch topics worth reporting to the public. If the public agrees about a topic’s worthiness, they can contribute money toward the topic. When the funding goal is met, the reporters or organizations fulfill their reporting duties and publish that information on the Spot.us site or through a distribution partner. The Public Insight Network — jiving with the theme of open, collaborative reporting — has a repository of knowledgable sources that journalists can tap into for high-quality reporting.

The merging of the two makes a lot of sense: Spot.us allows journalists and organizations to fund their reporting and reach an audience; PIN allows journalists to access sources they need to deliver strong, reliable journalism to the public. Read more