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Let’s Spend Some Time with LeBron On His First Day Back, Shall We?

72andSunny’s marketing blitz for Samsung continues with this new spot for the Galaxy Note II starring none other than LeBron James (whose other, more charitable ad for Samsung was launched simultaneously). We admit we were intrigued ever since we first caught this 90-second clip at the beginning of the NBA season opener featuring James’s Miami Heat versus their hated rival, the Boston Celtics. Directed by Anonymous Content’s Mark Romanek (the man who’s also behind some of our fave music videos as well as One Hour Photo), the Samsung spot is presented as if we’re following the three-time MVP on his first day back on the job in the NBA (it was actually shot a week before Tuesday’s opener).

From morning family time, complete with cereal, to his trip to the barbershop to the championship ring ceremony at American Airlines arena, we get a gist of what James may have actually gone through on game day (or maybe not). We have to say, though, the Galaxy Note II’s stylus arguably steals the show. Credits after the jump.

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Cavelletti Clues Us in On Latest Work from Brazil

In case you were wondering what the latest word is with Mauro Cavalletti, the former Mullen chief digital officer and current JWT Brazil chief integration officer, the exec has filled us in on some interesting work for Coca-Cola.  Specifically, Cavalletti and crew at Group JWT, which includes JWT’s Sao Paulo branch and local units Casa and iCherry, have launched a new print effort to hype Coke’s online radio platform Coca-Cola FM on their home turf. With the FM platform turning a year-old, Group JWT decided to turn the cover of Brazilian teen magazine Capricho into a loudspeaker for the iPhone.  We knew the numerous covers of the Twilight cast and other teeny-bop faves served a better purpose. Check out some of the print images after the jump, which may also explain things, along with Portuguese-infused credits you can pretty much figure out after the jump.

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Op-Ed: On First Glance: What’s the Deal with the iPhone 5?

And now, we get a developer’s perspective on Apple’s latest product, hopefully broken down in simplistic terms for the masses. Olli Siebelt, head of client solutions at Culver City, CA-based digital prodco The Famous Group, offers his initial thoughts on the iPhone 5. Is your wait in line worth it? Let’s take a look.

Here’s a quick-reaction overview on what the new Apple iPhone 5 and iOS6 inclusion means to developers, marketers and ad people:

•    The new A6 processor makes the iPhone 5 twice as fast as the 4S and creates a much more powerful gaming machine in both processing and graphics rendering.  As we’ve seen in previous updates, the jump to IOS6 will keep consumers wanting more.  Will it be compatible with the 4 and 4S?  Yes.  But users on the older handsets won’t be able to play with new toys such as Maps flyover, 3G-enabled FaceTime and turn-by-turn navigation as the older processors won’t be able to handle it.

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T3 Seeks to Rally Twitter Nation Around Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 Devices

Seeing as T3 handles social media, app dev, online, and mobile marketing efforts for Windows Phone, it makes sense that the Austin-based agency is all revved up for today’s great unveiling of Nokia’s Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia 820 and 920 smartphones. To herald the launch, T3 has created a social aggregator highlighting the latest news surrounding today’s events, though reports are already coming in that Nokia shares have fallen following the unveiling. Sorry, we’ll avoid playing Debbie Downer any further, but you can check out the Windows Phone Hub here (screen grab below), which we’ve been told was set up to “to rally Twitter followers to spread the word” about the 820 and 920. We’ll leave that up to you.

Mother Creates a Zine for Euro 2012

If you like European football and/or steel drum renditions of Joy Division’s 1980 hit “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” then treat yo’self this Friday morning to the above video from Mother London.

To celebrate the kick-off (pun very intended) of Euro 2012, Mother and British style magazine The Rig Out joined forces to create Paszport!, a one-off fanzine in the style of such famed publications as The End and Boys Own. If you’ve heard of either of those two magazines and are not from Europe, congratulations on earning +3 hipster gold!

The above video, which we assume has plenty to do with Beck’s judging how many times the bottles are shown on camera, captures the release party of Paszport! as a slew of stylish individuals praise the zine’s writing and dedication to football tradition. Yes, blogs do indeed lack the tangible nature that fanzines have, and we’re working on creating one called Ajenseespi!, which you will soon be able to pick at your local agency under a pile of unread issues of Adweek.

So, will it be Spain or Italy who will emerge victorious from Euro 2012? Buy your copy of Paszport! here, and leave your pick for the new ruler of all Europe in the comments section. And if you want to talk NFL or the new BCS playoff system instead, we won’t fault you for it.

Tribble Founder Wants to Bomb You Via Mobile Device

Okay, so it isn’t the greatest video you’ve ever seen, but a successful Kickstarter campaign doesn’t require a flashy video to go along with it, right? (Wrong.)

Well, if you couldn’t make it through the full 56 seconds, we’ll give you a breakdown. Roger Wehbe, best known as the founder of Tribble Advertising Agency News and President of Yooter InterActive Marketing, has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for his new project, “GPS Powered Real life iPhone / Android bombing video game.” No, it’s not a very catchy title, but taking into account how much Wehbe evangelizes about the importance of SEO and SEM on Tribble, we assume he has some reason for it. Basically, the app/game would allow mobile users to set digital bombs for each other using GPS coordinates, and reward points for successful bombings/diffusings. He’s even built an interactive prototype that depicts how the game would work here (and image below).

Why should you care about Wehbe’s worrisome obsession with bombing innocent people? According to a post on Tribble, his idea fulfills exactly what Facebook needs to succeed. By his math, “GPS + Game + Mobile = advertising dollars.” He elaborates by saying the majority of his early investors are advertising industry denizens who see the potential in “the concept of being able to tell Dunkin Donuts that they have 27 potential customers at this exact moment are within 800 feet of their location at 1st and Main Street.” In other words, its like reverse Foursquare, but with bombs. Currently, Wehbe’s raised only $44 of his $5000 goal he needs to hit by July 5. So, if you’re an advertiser who thinks what Wehbe thinks you think, think about donating to his Kickstarter campaign here.

What’s a ‘Good Push’ Exactly? W+K Explains

Sure, it’s got a name that can be easily confused with bands young and old, but Urban Airship is actually a three-year-old mobile tech company that’s joined forces with fellow Portland-based operation Wieden + Kennedy to define what the hell a “good push” is. From what we gather, there’s good and bad mobile engagement that could be created via push notifications including social push, news alerts, geo-based, or traffic/weather events.

Well, W+K and Urban Airship, the latter of which was actually developed in the former’s Portland Incubator Experiment (why are we itching to watch the Prometheus trailer again?) and has now evolved into an agency client/partner, aim to illustrate what positive push entails. How else? Animation, of course, and the parties involved regale us with “Tales of Good Push” via a handful of clips featuring a variety of cartoon characters who, without the help of narration, can perhaps better explain the whole message here.

Who’s Ready for the @LeeClowsBeard Book, App?

Those of you ad folks who’ve been playing in the Twitterverse for the last few years have probably grown familiar with Midwest creative director/writer Jason Fox, or perhaps more so with his Twitter alter ego, @leeclowsbeard. Well, Fox, who has been tweeting out pearls of wisdom under the guise of said TBWA legend’s famous facial hair since 2009, has grown popular enough (25,000+ followers and counting) to merit bitter knockoffs and most significantly, both a book and an app. The title? You guessed it, @leeclowsbeard, which will hit bookshelves on June 12.

To promote the app and book, which you can pre-order here, Mr. Fox offers a slideshow that gives you the history of his Twitter effort. We’ve been told that Lee Clow himself flew Fox out to meet in person before deciding to go ahead and publish the title under the banner of TBWA\Chiat\Day LA’s content innovation studio, Let There Be Dragons.

Receive Mobile Messages from Your As-Yet-Unborn Baby with ‘Wee Mail’

Expectant parents, rejoice! You can get sarcastic, pop-culture laden quips from your baby before its born with “Wee Mail,” a new mobile app from Charlotte, NC-based BooneOakley and developer Limbua.

Now, if there’s anything a pregnant woman want to help her ease into pregnancy, it’s daily mobile updates from the tiny human growing inside her. And, Wee Mail’s nearly 300 one-liners aren’t limited to such zingers as “I’m always naked and demand a lot of attention. You sure I’m not a Kardashian?” for girls and “I have to admit, most days I feel like a man trapped in a woman’s body” for boys. In fact, by setting the baby’s due date, the baby will send you Wee Mail about growing various extremities, organs, and appendages as it prepares to burst forth into a world where people create iPhone apps likes this. Well, at least you no longer have to worry about going into labor unexpectedly, right?

Wee Mail is currently available as a free download from the iTunes app store (where it already has two glowing reviews), with themed add-on packages expected to be available soon for $.99 each. A marketing campaign for the app is currently being targeted toward mommy bloggers, baby photographers and parenting magazines. Credits after the jump.

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7 Essential Apps for the Account Executive

You work at an agency, and for some reason you have the word ‘executive’ in your title. This causes you alarm because you’re only 23, but let’s not get mired in details. You need to impress the boss, a goal that is only hampered by the fact that you have no idea what the fuck you’re doing (don’t worry, neither does anyone else), and that every time you talk someone threatens to fire you. You better get some tools, fast. Luckily, you have a smartphone. Here’s the quintessential app list for you, Mr./Ms./Mrs./pansexual advertising account executive.

1. CNBC Real Time

As an advertising person, you make decisions (haha, no you don’t) based on real time info. Strategy, research, data; these are more than just words you remember from high school and sometimes hear in meetings, they’re actual things people create/do/collect as part of their jobs. But not you, because you’ve got CNBC Real Time.

Fire up this app when you need to impress that client with your counting skills (standing record for an account exec: 147) or when the boss lady walks by. Read the words you find in this app, and literally repeat them verbatim during meetings for an extra dose of savvitude. Whip out CNBC-RT in the elevator when you want to make that girl from strategy think twice about letting you have her digits, because nothing says “Do Me” like quarterly earnings reports and IPO valuations, am I right? I’m right.
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