Yes, Brianna Graves, director of content + communications for the Art Directors Club is back to provide some on-the-ground, firsthand perspective from the 92nd ADC Awards, which you probably know by now is taking place in Miami Beach in NYC. While we still suffer the cold up here in the Big Apple, let Brianna share memories from warmer climates. Yeah, we’re just jealous. If you missed her quick Day 1 recap, go here and watch the day 2 clip above.

It’s hard to define a pinnacle moment of Day Two of the ADC 92nd Annual Awards + Festival of Art and Craft in Advertising and Design simply because the energy remained so high throughout the day.

Rafaël Rozendaal surprised attendees early in the first of the two morning workshops with a presentation of work that contrasts his quiet demeanor with its absolutely outstanding ingenuity and reasoning. Rozendaal is the type of man so ahead of his time that we will all look back on this Festival from our rocking chairs in our nursing homes some day, and marvel that we hung out with and learned from Rozendaal in Miami Beach in 2013.

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