We were forwarded this note late Friday, one which George Parker also happened to cover on Adscam at that time. In case you missed it, let us apprise you that a few months’ worth of work on Victors & Spoils’ part appears to have all been for naught according a note sent agency-wide from creative directors, Kate McQuail and Noah Clark.  If you recall, last August, the Boulder-based crowdsourcing advocates at V&S were tapped by Santa Monica-based agency, DonatWald+Haque, for a re-branding effort (“renaming invitation” intro video above).

Well, five months later, after presenting thousands of potential new names, McQuail and Clark have broken the sad news to the V&S community that DW+H ultimately did not select a winner. Still, despite the latter’s diss of sorts, we hesitate to proclaim it “the final nail in the coffin” for V&S like Parker, though as Chris Farley once said, it’s probably ” gonna leave a mark.” But why say more when you can just read the full aforementioned note, which also mentions a few money-winning DW+H ideas, after the jump.

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