The NFL lockout has finally come to a close after five months of only shaky guesses about our professional football league’s future — thankfully, the new 10-year labor contract will let the season to unfold as normal starting tomorrow. Why should fans of Twitter be just as appreciative as fans of the NFL?

Because like a lot of sports leagues, the NFL season provides great fodder for millions of tweets, and actually lets us micro-blog in some of the more creative ways out there.

Twitter is great for spreading the news. The most obvious reason tweeters should care about the NFL lockout being over is that they can tweet about it. Some of the best news is news that’s a long time coming — and in this fast-paced media world, five-months-later decision constitutes a long-awaited outcome. Even for those not obsessed with football, such a huge dramatic mess as a lockout is enough to pique the interest of a casual Twitter user perusing his or her timeline.