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Internal Documents Reveal The FBI Can Read Your Twitter DMs Without A Warrant

The White House just hired its first Chief Privacy Officer – straight out of Twitter, no less – but the privacy they may be protecting is that of the FBI, not the American people.

According to new internal documents, obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) through a Freedom of Information Act request, the content of your emails, Facebook chats, Twitter DMs and all other forms of digital communication chould be at the disposal of law enforcement agencies, even without a warrant.

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When Apps Go Bad: Another Reason Not To Allow Any Old App Access To Your Twitter

When you click a link in spam direct messages, you put your Twitter at risk (of sending others the same spam direct messages). But you know this already because you read our previous post, so you don’t do that anymore.

And there’s another way you’re putting your Twitter – and your reputation – at risk: By allowing any ‘ol third party app access to your Twitter, just so you can sign in to various platforms with one click.

But what happens when apps go bad and start tweeting lies on from your account?

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