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The Pope Already Outpacing Justin Bieber On Twitter

Here’s a comparison we never thought we’d make: the Pope is proving to be more Twitter-popular than pop culture tween icon Justin Bieber.

In his first full week on Twitter, Pope Benedict XVI is already scoring impressive stats.

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Breaking Down Entertainment’s Year On Twitter

It’s the time of year for “year in review” reflections, and Twitter itself got us off to a solid start with their official look back at 2012.

Earlier this morning, we shared with you a handy tool for taking a graphical look at your own year on Twitter.

Now we’re turning to another big player to get a bird’s eye view (forgive us) of 2012 Twitter behavior: the entertainment industry.

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The Video Sharing Habits Of 10 Socially Savvy Celebrities [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that while Justin Bieber only shares an average of one video to his Twitter, Facebook and YouTube fans every day, that content goes viral 66 percent of the time?

Video is a quick and easy way to capture the attention of your audience. And for celebrities, the right clips shared at the right time can reach millions and millions of eyeballs, empowering them to spread the word on everything from charitable causes, major news events and, uh, cute kittens.

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Website Guilts Celebrities Into Participating On Twitter

It isn’t as bad as it sounds. There’s a website, called Charity Bribes, that raises money for various charities in a pretty unique way – by collecting money to bribe celebrities to do stuff. Huh?

The site calls on folks to put up some cash to try to convince their favorite celebrities to join the rest of us online (or to do something whacky). Celebrities don’t need this money, of course, so the bribe isn’t really for them – and isn’t the true motivating factor here either. You see, once the celebrity  joins (or does whatever he or she is being “bribed” to do), all funds raised to convince the celebrity to participate are given to a specific charity attached to the bribe. Hmm. I guess it is as bad as it sounds.
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Why Scarlett Johansson Doesn’t Use (Or Get) Twitter

One of the bigger catalysts behind the huge boom in social media growth over the past few years has been the way that celebrities from all around the world (in a myriad of shapes and sizes) have embraced these platforms, using them as a way to keep fans informed of their current projects and news.

Rewind back just a couple of years and Twitter was dominated by people like Stephen Fry and Wil Wheaton, who boasted a heady 208,750 and 109,406 followers respectively in February 2009. These guys were famous, sure, but it was very much in a nerdy, geek crowd kind of way (they’d be the first to admit that they’re geeks themselves). As Twitter started to penetrate the mainstream media and public consciousness, more famous (and less geeky) names from movies, TV and music began to sign up, and now the biggest superstars on the planet can be found avidly tweeting away.

But not every celebrity has expressed an interest. Often it’s for legitimate reasons. But other times, and certainly in Scarlett Johansson’s case, it’s simply good, old-fashioned naivety.

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Samuel L. Jackson’s Twitter? It’s The One That Says Bad Mother @#$^&%. A Lot.

If Twitter was an infinite piece of string – and certainly at this point in time that looks likely, the lack of making any serious money shenanigans aside – then it’s fair to say that eventually every single person would sign up to the network, and that, of course, includes all the celebrities.

Even the ones you wouldn’t expect. Like, perhaps, Samuel L. Jackson. That’s right – Jackson is now on Twitter. And he’s almost exactly like how you would expect.

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How Do Celebrities Use Twitter? Interview with @JosieStevensMTR

Celebrities and stars in the tech world use Twitter for a lot of reasons – promoting a new venture, to praise or complain about something, to share information, to spread news about a good cause.  So I thought it would be fun to hear from the stars themselves about how they use it.

Josie Stevens might be the wife of rocker Steve Stevens, but she’s also a mogul all her own . Starring on E! channel’s Married to Rock, she is soon to launch a clothing line and has her own Etsy store.
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Jerry Seinfeld Joins Twitter, Makes Nazi Joke On Fifth Tweet

On Friday Jerry Seinfeld finally joined Twitter under the username @seintime, explaining that the tag was a nickname given to him many years ago by fellow comedian Chris Rock.

UPDATE: Jerry has now claimed ownership of the @JerrySeinfeld Twitter handle.

The account has now been verified by Twitter and has already accumulated over 150,000 followers, which is about three times that of fellow Seinfeld cast member Jason Alexander, who joined Twitter over a year ago.

In his first tweet, Seinfeld wrote, “Greetings Tweetarians! I have just landed on your Planet. This could be my last Tweet.” He followed this up with “Second Tweet! Am I done yet?”

Maybe he should have left things there, as three tweets later the Jewish comedian decided to make what could be perceived as a poor-taste joke about the Nazis.

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Name And Shame: The 20 Celebrities On Twitter Who Follow The Fewest Number Of People

Twitter’s four most popular users – Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama and Britney Spears – collectively have over 38 million followers. Sure, there’s some crossover there, but that’s a pretty huge number.

Together, they also follow about 1.37 million people, which means they have followed about one person for every 27 users who follow them. Relatively, at about 3.61%, that might seem like a pretty low ratio, but it’s an absolute dream level of reciprocation compared to many of the most popular celebrities on Twitter – five of whom follow a big fat zero.

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Was Kim Kardashian's Twitter Profile Really Hacked?

No, of course it wasn’t. That is, unless it was the world’s nicest hacker who done the evil deed.

These two tweets were posted back-to-back, about a couple of hours apart. When I first read the reports of Kardashian’s dilemma, I instinctively wondered if she’d had another one of those tapes ‘stolen’, and was using the old hacker excuse to cover it up. Sure, one or two celebrity Twitter accounts have been genuinely exploited, but it’s hard not to be sceptical. And with good reason. Ultimately, it seems likely that she just made a mistake.

Or did she? Kim’s tweet got a lot of coverage. And isn’t that really the point? In today’s celebrity-obsessed world, pretty much any tweet is a good tweet, especially for those individuals who are fortunate enough to be famous simply for being famous.

And Twitter is no different. In fact, it might actually be a little better, as it effectively allows celebrities to write their own PR. Which, however which way you want to look at it, and irrespective of what actually happened, is exactly what Kim did.