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Twitter Experiencing Hiccups Today; Engineers Busy Burping It

Yes, Twitter has been up down and all around today. Moving sloooow for many and completely offline (for a little bit) for others.

If you’d read our other post, you knew (immediately) when Twitter was down today. If you didn’t, you may have panicked and thought the Syrian Electronic Army scored big.

But not today, SAE! Not . . . yet.

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In The Last 24 Hours, Twitter Has Experienced 24 Outages

We told you earlier that Twitter was hacked and 250,000 users’ accounts have potentially been compromised. You’ve changed your password and believe the worst must be over, right?


In the past 24hrs, Twitter has experienced 24 outages. You may not have noticed as they’ve been brief, but they happened all right. And we think Twitter may be fighting a bigger battle than it’s letting on.

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How To Know Immediately The Next Time Twitter Is Down

Yep, Twitter has been going up and down like a merry-go-round today. Has this annoyed you? Affected business interactions possibly? Or maybe the only real trouble you’ve had is wasting time reading posts reporting these supposedly catastrophic outages (they’re really not a huge deal).

So we will now save you from having to read said posts ever again, by showing you how you can know immediately the next time Twitter is down.

And when those “OH MY GOD, TWITTER IS DOWN!!!” posts pop up, you can just ignore them. Unless Twitter is down ALL day. But we’ll show you where to go then too.

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