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5 Tips And Guides For Getting The Most Out Of #NewTwitter

As we reported this morning, anyone still using the old version of Twitter will be upgraded to #NewTwitter later this week. And that might mean a lot of people who have been staunchly refusing to make the switch manually scrambling to figure out the new layout, features, and tricks of #NewTwitter.

Here are five fantastic resources for getting the most out of #NewTwitter, so you can tweet with confidence from your new
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7 Interesting Things You Can Tweet Beside Links

It’s good Twitter strategy to mix things up, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with anything unique to tweet. So most of us default to sharing links to articles we’ve read, along with the headline, and forget about it.

However, this can quickly lead to a mundane, non-engaging Twitter presence if it’s all you do. To combat link boredom, here are seven interesting things you can tweet to your followers that aren’t links to other people’s content.
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Why Is No One Clicking The Links You’re Tweeting?

You’ve penned the most brilliant blog post you’ve ever written, grabbed the title, shortened the link with and sent it out into the Twitter-verse. And you wait. And wait. And wait. And almost none of those hundreds or thousands of followers you have bothered to click through to read your words of wisdom.

So what went wrong?
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