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Finally! Twitter’s Self-Service Ads Are Now Available To SMBs In UK, Ireland And Canada

Finally! Twitter's Self-Service Ads Are Now Available To SMBs In UK, Ireland And Canada

If you’re a marketer looking to use Twitter to promote your brand’s products and services in the UK, Ireland or Canada, I have some good news.

As of today, there is no longer a minimum spend requirement for Twitter advertising in these locations, as Twitter has (finally) rolled out its Self-Service ads platform outside of the United States.

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Twitter Advertising And Free Analytics Now Open To Everyone (Including Individuals)

Twitter has opened up its advertising self-service platform to all users, with free access to the Twitter Analytics dashboard, which provides a number of metrics that help you really dig into your Twitter performance and data. This includes Timeline Activity, which tracks your top-performing tweets (favourites, retweets, replies, sortable by volume), and Followers, which breaks down your Twitter network by key demographics (gender, location, interests, and so on).

Of note: previously Twitter’s ad platform and analytics dashboard was available only to businesses, but it’s now open to individuals, too. Which means common or garden folks like you and me.

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Twitter’s Self-Service Ad Platform Now Available For All Marketers (In The U.S.)

Twitter’s self-service advertising platform, which allows small and medium-sized businesses with monthly marketing budgets of $5,000 or less to use Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Twitter Analytics in their digital marketing campaigns, is now available to all users in the U.S. for the first time.

Previously, self-service ads on Twitter were invite-only, and while the platform will remain the same for existing Twitter self-service advertisers, opening these tools to all businesses across the U.S. is expected to dramatically increase Twitter’s revenue stream.

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Twitter Announces Improved Advertising Tools For Small Businesses

Twitter’s self service advertising platform, which gives small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) access to Twitter’s Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets and analytics tools, continues to roll out to companies across the U.S.

This week Twitter has announced new targeting options for marketers, who have also been granted access to Twitter’s updated Ads Center.

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