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Revolving Door Newsletter: 05.31.11

Hearst Completes Lagardere Deal; The Daily Loses Seventh Staffer

May 31, 2011
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Is David Perpich next in line for the Ochs-Sulzberger New York Times throne? AdWeek reports that Perpich, a 34-year-old fifth generation member of the famous family, is executive director of paid products on and stands to come out looking great if and when the paywall succeeds. He joined the Grey Lady just last year after trying his luck elsewhere in the digital innovation sphere, most recently at Booz Allen Hamilton. Before that, he served as an intern at the Times' and graduated from Harvard Business School. A.G. Sulzberger has some competition, it appears...

Hearst completes its $900 million deal for Lagardere's non-French magazines. Up to 30 percent of the staff could be laid off as the mega corporation consolidates back-office functions and other positions. Elsewhere in the tower, Marie Claire's Joanna Coles signs a new long-term contract amidst rumors that an editor-in-chief is on the hot seat...

Susan Winston leaves CBS's The Talk after just a week into her job as executive producer. She took over for Brad Bessey who helmed the show through its first successful season... Lawrence O'Donnell wants to be doing a PBS show... The Minnesota Vikings decline an opportunity to participate in HBO's Hard Knocks. They have too much going on, namely a stadium that needs rebuilding...

Janice Min is turning around The Hollywood Reporter. Web traffic is up 800 percent year-to-year, and advertising revenue jumped 50 percent as well. David Carr calls the remake of the daily paper "a magazine, and a pretty good one," which sounds about right... Conde Nast continues its push to make money in the digital realm...

Not surprisingly, Jann Wenner has no current plans to move Rolling Stone to the iPad. In fact, he thinks it will take a generation or two before it's even a viable business model. Then again, this is coming from the same guy who let another company run from 2003 through 2010... On that note, The Daily is losing staffers left and right. Rupert Murdoch continues to be committed to the form, but the shine is wearing off just a bit...

PBS plans to integrate promotional material into its shows including Nature and Nova. The move comes as Florida Gov. Rick Scott vetoed $4.8 million in funding for public broadcasting... And there are changes at Newsday, Associated Press and more...

May 31, 2011: David Sarosi has been named executive producer at Current TV's Countdown With Keith Olbermann. He had been producer at MSNBC's version of Countdown With Keith Olbermann. (release)

May 31, 2011: Lee Cordobes has been named integrated director, Eastern division at Cooking Light. She had been responsible for both print and digital advertisers at Health. (release)

May 31, 2011: Sheryl Collison has been named market manager for Savannah and Hilton Head at Clear Channel Radio. She had been general sales manager there. (release)

May 31, 2011: Susan Ramsett has been named news director at KOLN-KGIN in Lincoln, NE. She had been news director and anchor at WSAW in Wausau, WI. (TVSpy)

May 31, 2011: James Kaminsky has been named editor-in-chief at Mental Floss. He had been consulting at Maxim. (FBNY)

May 31, 2011: Christopher Farley has been named editorial director at The Wall Street Journal's blog network. He had been editor of Speakeasy there. (FBNY)

May 31, 2011: Nils Larsen has been named CEO at Tribune Broadcasting. He had been chairman there. (Poynter)

May 31, 2011: Leila Brillson has been named associate editor at MTV Style. She had been articles editor at AOL's (mb)

May 31, 2011: Andreas Dahlqvist has been named vice chairman, executive creative director at McCann NY. He had been executive creative director and managing partner at DDB Stockholm. (AgencySpy)

May 31, 2011: Niko Pfund has been named president at Oxford University Press. He had been acting president there. (GalleyCat)

May 31, 2011: Liz Sidoti has been named political editor at Associated Press. She had been chief political writer there. (FBNY)

May 31, 2011: Roger Bolton has been named chair at the Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication. He is currently senior counselor at APCO Worldwide. (PRNewser)

May 31, 2011: Duyen Jen Truong has been named VP of public relations at Sage Communications. She had been account director there. (PRNewser)

May 31, 2011: Matt Cluny has been named director of marketing for the Americas at Associated Press. He had been marketing specialist at American Express. (PRNewser)

May 30, 2011: Christina Brodsly has been named agency voice at Vladimir Jones. She had been public relations manager there. (mb)

May 30, 2011: Jacqueline Hlavenka has been named Northeast region reporter at ALM. She had been municipal beat reporter at Greater Media Newspapers. (mb)

May 29, 2011: Benjamin Bell has been named social media coordinator at Newsday. He had been assistant social news editor at Huffington Post. (mb)

May 28, 2011: Claire Robinson has been named senior manager, editorial operations at Forbes Media. She had been managing editor at AOL News. (mb)

May 27, 2011: Noah Klueppel has been named manager of strategic sourcing for point of sale marketing solutions at Williams Lea. He had been production coordinator at Madden Communications. (mb)

May 27, 2011: Tara Mastrelli has been named associate strategist at Siegel + Gale. She had been managing editor at Hospitality Design. (mb)

May 27, 2011: Erin Feher has been named executive editor at California Home+Design. She had been associate editor there. (mb)

May 27, 2011: Keith Mallett has been named studio director at Pappas Group. He had been creative services manager at Iris Worldwide. (mb)

May 27, 2011: Lisa Jablon has been named junior account executive at Hunter PR. She had been public relations intern at Food Network. (mb)

May 27, 2011: Jeffrey Nemeroff has been named co-founder and creative director at Entra Magazine. He had been art director at Architectural Digest. (mb)

May 27, 2011: Dan Nemo has been named CFO at Cellfish. He had been COO and CFO at TextGuard Inc. (mb)

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