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Revolving Door Newsletter: 06.24.11

Salon CEO Resigns; AMI Buys OK!

June 24, 2011
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American Media, Inc. buys the U.S. edition of OK! from Richard Desmond's company, which has lost $218.3 million on its investment since launching in 2005 (and just south of $25 million in 2010). Sources say that's the worst magazine loss in U.S. publishing history. Time Warner reportedly bid $25 million for the publication but was never really that interested. It's unclear what AMI thinks it can do with OK!, but the tabloid does fit within its stable that also includes the National Enquirer, Star and Radar Online. Whether the purchase means layoffs remains to be seen. You hope not, but you have to believe there are some redundancies...

The Huffington Post, which exploded during the 2008 election, makes a big bet on the 2012 campaign. AOL will open news websites in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, and plans to bulk up its news team as well. In other HuffPo news, the publication snags The Daily's Joshua Hersh (son of Seymour) as a staff reporter. He'll cover foreign policy and the State Department...

Ad pages at Newsweek are flat for the first time in a year. Tina Brown's pub boasted 52 pages for the month of July... Mary Kaye Schilling leaves New York for GQ. She replaces Dan Fierman, who departed for, as senior articles editor... The Guardian will undergo significant layoffs due to its digital-first push...

Erin Burnett uses Twitter to hire for her new show. She already tapped Wilson Surratt as executive producer... ESPN grabs sports anchor Lindsay Czarniak from WRC-TV in Washington, D.C.... CEO Richard Gingras departs the company he's been a part of since he helped round up angel investors back in 1995. He joins Google, although what exactly he'll be doing remains a secret... Brian Lam says goodbye after five years at Gizmodo. He will spend time figuring out what to do next, but for now he's grabbing his board and hitting the surf... LinkedIn uses some of the IPO billions to hire editor Daniel Roth as executive editor... Netflix founder Reed Hastings joins the board of Facebook as the rich get richer... Edelman hires Nancy Ruscheinski as chief innovation officer... And there are changes at Univision, The Newsweek Daily Beast Company and more....

June 24, 2011: Daniel Roth has been named executive editor at LinkedIn. He had been editor at and Fortune Digital. (Forbes)

June 24, 2011: Brian Kennedy has been named executive director of newsgathering operations at ABC News. He had been executive director of digital newsgathering at CBS News. (TVNewser)

June 24, 2011: Beth Coleman has been named senior vice president, ad sales research at MTV. She had been vice president, audience research there. (release)

June 24, 2011: Roberto Ruiz has been named SVP, brand solutions at Univision. He had been VP, brand solutions there. (release)

June 24, 2011: Sharon Feder has been named publisher at Mashable. She had been managing editor there. (release)

June 24, 2011: Frances Symes has been named staff writer at CQ Roll Call's Budget Tracker. She had been legislative action reporter there. (FBDC)

June 24, 2011: George Cahlink has been named editor at CQ Roll Call's Budget Tracker. He had been deputy editor of the legislative action team there. (FBDC)

June 24, 2011: Robert Tomkin has been named deputy editor at CQ Roll Call's House Action Reports. He had been a writer there. (FBDC)

June 24, 2011: Wendy Elman has been named VP, digital solutions at Scientific American. She had been VP, global marketing at The Economist. (mb)

June 24, 2011: Stephanie Wilson has been named editorial director at Royal Media Partners. She had been editorial director at Haute Living. (mb)

June 24, 2011: Alex DiPrato has been named reporter at WSVN in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. He had been reporter at WPRI in Providence. (TVSpy)

June 24, 2011: Azher Ahmed has been named SVP, director of digital operations at DDB Chicago. He had been SVP, director of technology at Martin Agency. (AgencySpy)

June 24, 2011: Fred Schruers has been named senior writer at The Wrap. He had been writer at Portfolio. (FBLA)

June 23, 2011: Gary Lacinski has been named New York City project director at Meridian Printing. He had been media sales manager at Voice Media Group. (mb)

June 23, 2011: Lindsay Czarniak has been named anchor and host at ESPN. She had been sports anchor at NBC 4 in Washington, D.C. (TVSpy)

June 23, 2011: Marco Flores has been named news director at KMEX in Los Angeles. He had been news director at KTVW in Phoenix. (TVSpy)

June 23, 2011: Sandra Thomas has been named senior director of local and affiliate news at Univision. She had been regional news director supervisor there and news director at KDTV in San Francisco. (TVSpy)

June 23, 2011: Mary Kaye Schilling has been named senior articles editor at GQ. She had been culture editor at New York. (FBNY)

June 23, 2011: Nancy Ruscheinski has been named chief innovation officer at Edelman U.S. She had been president and chief operating officer there. (PRNewser)

June 23, 2011: Ryan Barr has been named managing director and corporate communications group leader at The IGB Group. He had been co-head of the corporate communications practice and head of the financial relations practice at Hill & Knowlton. (PRNewser)

June 22, 2011: Kimberly Tryba has been named vice president, marketing at The Newsweek Daily Beast Company. She had been project director at Time Inc. (mb)

June 22, 2011: Terri Gamble has been named media account manager at Yankee Publishing Inc. She had been senior account manager at Boston. (mb)

June 22, 2011: Chris Dinan has been named senior producer at World News with Diane Sawyer at ABC News. He had been senior broadcast producer at CBS Evening News. (TVNewser)

June 22, 2011: Samantha Myles has joined the news reporting staff at KSAX in Minnesota. She had been an intern at FOX 11 in L.A. (FBLA)

June 21, 2011: Bobby Amirshahi has been named VP of communications for New York City at Time Warner Cable. He had been senior director of public affairs at Cox Enterprises. (mb)

June 21, 2011: Marci Robin has been named director of social media at Creative Media Marketing. She had been senior online editor at NewBeauty. (mb)

June 21, 2011: Rachel Rogers has been named marketing assistant at New Harbinger Publications. She had been assistant at Make-A-Wish Foundation. (mb)

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