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Media Jobs Monthly Newsletter

July 6, 2011
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While recruiting isn't known for being a cutting-edge industry, technology is now introducing creative ways to attract, hire and retain talent.

Anyone who has endured pasting job descriptions into an online form will be relieved to hear that LinkedIn is launching a tool to make it a bit easier. The "apply with LinkedIn" button will allow applicants to submit their LinkedIn profile as a resume and will also let employers add their own questions to the application. Facebook, meanwhile, has released its BeKnown app to integrate Monster data into Facebook, letting users create their own professional, private sub-network. Employers are also using Facebook as a professional tool. Marriott believes its Facebook game My Marriott Hotel will "demystify" the hotel industry and provide insight into how someone makes decisions.

Advancements in technology have allowed companies more flexibility with hiring and performance reviews, as well. With video chats, phone calls and instant messaging, even large companies are able to make working remotely a feasible (and affordable) option. Best Buy saw a 35 percent increase in productivity and a 90 percent decrease in turnover once it started letting employees work more from home. When the startup Rypple wanted to make performance reviews more relevant and less intimidating, it created a product that allows team members and managers to share feedback, ask for advice and track goals. Rypple received rave reviews after a nine-month test at Facebook and now offers free and premium subscriptions.

If you don't already have a social media policy in place, take this as a sign to start. One social media specialist was fired after trying to start a Twitter conversation about summer Fridays. Her CEO found the innocent comment inappropriate, even though employees still work their regular 40-hour week if they want to leave early.

Even with all the fine tuning that technology has brought to recruiting, there's still a pretty basic problem that's yet to be fixed: blocking the emails you don't want, receiving the ones you do, and making sure your messages make it to their recipients. Hypersensitive spam filters have the ability to quarantine a potential client and a potential paycheck. If you reach out to people with an unprofessional email address or attachments, your message likely won't make it through either. So, customize your settings and simplify the messages you send. That redesigned logo in your email doesn't look so great when it's sitting in a spam folder.

Jacky Carter
Community Manager

Monster Brings Professional Networking to Facebook (BrandChannel)
Facebook, with the help of Monster, is challenging the notion that LinkedIn is the only social network for "professionals." Using the new BeKnown app, users can import their Monster data to Facebook "without mixing business and friends," the app says. BeKnown is betting that the convenience of not having to leave Facebook will attract users of other social networks to start doing their professional networking within the same site as family and friends.

How Facebook Uses Feedback Loops: Meet Rypple (
Facebook spent nine months piloting Rypple to quantify employee productivity and satisfaction. Rypple, a startup whose investors feature big names like PayPal founder Peter Thiel, is now releasing its product to the open market. It's a system that allows employees to be rated objectively (i.e. whether work goals were achieved) by coworkers (either anonymous or not) and supervisors. Many managers are saying that a once-a-year review just isn't enough anymore.

Was It Fair to Can This Tweeter? (MediaJobsDaily)
The social media specialist for the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation was fired after tweeting about the corp's summer Friday policy, which lets employees leave early on Fridays if they've already put in a full week's work. Would you have done the same?

LinkedIn Adds Job Button (MediaPost)
LinkedIn is planning to roll out an "apply with LinkedIn" button that companies can add to their job listings so applicants can integrate LinkedIn information straight into their job applications. No launch partners for the feature have been named, but the button is expected to launch this month.

Marriott Takes a Clue from Farmville for Hotel Recruiting (
In an attempt to attract savvy young people to the hospitality business, Marriott has created a Facebook game that will "demystify" the hotel industry for potential recruits. While the game isn't a screening tool yet, the hotel chain believes it will be an effective marketing tool to gain new workers.

How Recruiters Can Regain Control over Email (
"A single blocked email can result in the loss of a five-figure fee or the hiring loss of the top candidate. Blocked emails can be disastrous either from the receiving or the sending side. What most recruiters don't realize is that blocked emails occur mostly as a result of the email recipient trying to stop spam."

Out of Site: Remote Possibilities (
"Although Brie Reynolds has worked for FlexJobs for almost a year, she's never been to the company's Boulder, Colorado, headquarters. She's never even met Sara Sutton Fell, FlexJobs' founder and CEO -- not even for her job interview, which was conducted over the phone. But she keeps in touch with Fell on a regular basis by phone, instant messages and Yammer, the Web-based collaboration software. Once or twice a week they dial into conference calls with the company's other staff members, too."

Remote Work -- Why Geography Is the #1 Factor That Limits Applications (
According to ERE's John Sullivan, 95 percent of qualified candidates are not in your backyard. Offering 100 percent remote work options for mission-critical professional jobs may be the highest ROI recruiting solution there is, he argues. When Best Buy offered that option, the company says productivity increased by 35 percent.

So What Do You Do, Maura Jacobson, Legendary New York Crossword Maker? (
Is it still possible to bypass the job board? New York crossword puzzle creator Maura Jacobson broke into puzzle-making four decades ago with an over-the-transom submission. "I decided to try my luck and made up a terrible crossword puzzle which had made-up words in it," she says. "And, very brazenly, I sent it to the Times."

--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, editor,

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