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April 11, 2012
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A recent article about employers requesting Facebook passwords during interviews had job seekers in a state of disbelief and concern. One labor lawyer said all the hype was unwarranted, though, because of how rarely this kind of snooping actually happens. If you're one of the few employers who thinks this practice is a good idea, consider the outcomes before taking action. Requesting passwords may not be legal and your relationship with the candidate, if they decide to continue with the interview, will likely suffer.

Instead of instilling a sense of fear in employees when it comes to social media, some companies are finding it beneficial to use access to Facebook as a recruiting tool. For millennials, the freedom to use social media during the work day is more of a job requirement than a perk. It's so important that 45 percent of young professionals said they'd take a pay cut in order to stay connected at work. For organizations with less salary flexibility, this aspect of your company culture can be a great benefit to emphasize.

Although policies for social media use in hiring practices are still evolving, recruiters are quick to find new ways to leverage these channels. While LinkedIn is getting spammed by recruiters, one sourcer has turned to Google+ for finding candidates because of its powerful search features. And because recruiters focus their efforts more on Facebook and Twitter, there's less competition for the 100 million profiles on Google+.

If all this social media talk leaves your head spinning, take a moment to enjoy the confessions of a former HR pro. The excerpt is so honest (and hilarious), you may not want to read it at work -- unless you want to get in trouble with HR.

Jacky Carter
Community Manager

U.S. Adds 120,000 Jobs, Unemployment Stays at 8.2 Percent (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
The United States economy added 120,000 jobs in March, and the unemployment rate remained little changed at 8.2 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said. The unemployment rate does not include 7.7 million people working part-time because they couldn't find a full-time job, or 2.4 million "marginally attached" unemployed people. The latter group is not counted as unemployed because, for various reasons, they did not search for a job in March.

Social Recruiting With G+ (Fistful of Talent)
Okay, so nobody uses it, but everyone's on it. And sourcer Kelly Dingee says that G+'s search is flexible and powerful. "As the site grows, so does the ability to search it. And its internal search functionality operates on some of the basic premises of the Google Web Search Engine."

Recruiting Is Dead and It's LinkedIn's Fault (Fistful of Talent)
"LinkedIn is getting used and abused. As more and more people register on LinkedIn, the abuse gets worse. Just like some job boards solicit a post-and-pray mentality, LinkedIn has encouraged a 'spam-and-pray' philosophy, which is just lazy."

Facebook Is The Secret to Motivating Millennial Workers (AllFacebook)
According to a survey of 1,400 college students and 1,400 young professionals, the ability to use social media, mobile devices and the Internet more freely in the workplace can influence job choice more than salary. "In fact, 40 percent of college students and 45 percent of young professionals said they would accept lower-paying jobs in exchange for those freedoms." Just sayin.

Why Employers Really DON'T Want Employee Facebook Passwords (TLNT)
It's old news, and it involves just a handful of misguided employers. Real HR reps barely even look at public social media profiles. Why the freak-out now? We're not sure. Quick reminder: don't do this (not that you were), and then please go about your business.

Stop Using 'Rock Star' In Your Job Postings (The Hiring Site)
Not only is it annoying, but it's not a term jobseekers actually use. If you want to be seen by more job seekers, focus on using words they'd actually search for. This and six other tips of 'highly effective job postings' will help you reel in talent.

Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir (Of HR) (The Bloggess)
Internet star Jenny Lawson has a book coming out. She used to work in HR. Maybe you see where this is going. Check out this excerpt that shares what HR is REALLY like, but just don't read it on your work computer.

#SHRM12 Preview: A Q&A with Oracle's Steve Boese on Social Recruiting (Monster Thinking)
What does Steve Boese use to manage his social media presence? Not too much, it turns out. He uses Hootsuite and Buffer, but "other than that, I don't worry too much about it." Learn more tips from the expert and former director of talent management.

How to Be a Great Conference Panelist (
Don't wing it. Do your research on the group, the other panelists and the moderator. And don't be afraid to weigh in on what other panelists have to say, even if it's to disagree.

--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, editor,

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