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June 13, 2012
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In the recruiting world, new trends are constantly popping up, some encouraging and others less so. One that's firmly in the latter group is falsified resumes. With the unemployment rate up to 8.2 percent, job seekers are applying to any position, regardless of whether they fit the requirements. This is becoming a big problem for recruiters, but The Hiring Site has six quick tips on how to catch a fake resume to make sure that never happens to you.

Another new trend is mobile recruiting. In your hunt for a new hire, you're looking for the perfectly qualified candidate, and, chances are, these candidates are job hunting on their phones. A good mobile recruiting site will allow people to view the job, research the company and send their applications within seconds on a smart phone. As a result, employers are sprucing up their mobile career sites to accommodate those who are constantly on the move. If your careers site is slow and not mobile-optimized, I highly recommend taking the time to update it.

Hiring new employees is a process, but how exactly do you know what to look for? An issue today, Fistful of Talent believes, is that hiring managers prize technical skill sets while CEOs want candidates who show potential to strive as trends and technologies change. And, once a new hire is chosen, his progress has to be monitored to see whether he's really a good fit for the company. Some think the first three months are most important, however, one in three respondents to a recent survey put great weight on the first six months.

Still, it's not always the HR department that has hirer's remorse. Sometimes, it's the employees themselves who determine that something's not right and just quit -- although not always for the usual reasons. Take the woman who left because she lost her cell phone too many times at work, the guy who couldn't get up in the morning, or, my personal favorite, the person who just didn't care for the color of the office walls.

Yep, all perfectly good indications that their services would be best used elsewhere.

Jessica Carlson
Community Manager

Unemployment Rises, Few Jobs Added in May (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
The unemployment rate rose one-tenth of a percentage point to 8.2 percent in May, as the economy added only 69,000 jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. Employment increased in health care, transportation and warehousing, but little else. The number of long-term unemployed rose from 5.1 to 5.4 million, accounting for 43 percent of all unemployed.

Taking the Long View of New Hires (HRE Online)
Measuring a new hire's impact isn't easy, but it has to be done over time. To misquote a stock analyst: Short-term performance is not a predictor of future results. The long view is important. Yet, one in three respondents to a recent survey put great weight on a new hire's first six months.

Think You Can Spot a Fake Resume? (The Hiring Site)
According to a CareerBuilder survey, nearly two in five employees have embellished their resumes, and almost one in five have flat-out lied. Here are six tips for spotting a resume that might not be 100 percent accurate.

The 13 Strangest Reasons for Quitting (HR Morning)
Some of the strangest reasons given for quitting, according to a new survey, might give any HR manager hives. Running away to join the circus -- really?

5 Seconds to the Smartest Recruiting Move You'll Make Today (The Hiring Site)
Visit your company's recruitment page on your mobile. What does it look like? If the answer is "not good" or (worse) a four-letter word, it's time to fix that. In 2011, 14 percent of Google's searches were conducted from a mobile device, and that number is only rising.

Who CEOs Say You Should Hire (Fistful of Talent)
Hiring managers want you to find today's skill sets. CEOs want you to find people who can do more. The jobs that your company will be filling in two years will be completely different than what you're filling now. So, as FoT contributor Steve Boese says, "What game are you playing?"

Give This to Your Newly Hired Freelancers (Mediabistro)
Just given a former freelancer a 9-to-5? This article will help her transition into her new role with helpful tips. (Reminder number one: Wear pants.)

Layoffs on Sesame Street (MediaJobsDaily)
It's not a sunny day on Sesame Street, as the company behind the popular children's show has laid off about 12 people, a spokesperson confirmed. At least Bert and Ernie still have jobs.

--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, editor,

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