Over the last several weeks, Livingsocial has been hawking a deal to the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show in Washington, D.C. Their biggest draw? Celebrity chef and recovering racist, Paula Deen. They began promoting it on May 29th, before the revelations of her past racism came to light. (A screengrab of the original deal is pictured on the right.) Since the original promotion was offered, they have sent email promotions using her name 20 other times. However, as the story unfolded, Livingsocial stopped using Deen’s name in promoting the event. The last mention was on June 20th, but they are still offering the promotion to the cooking show. If you click through to view the deal on their website, there isn’t a single mention of her on there.

Clearly, Livingsocial is trying to distance themselves from Deen, but what about the actual┬áMetropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show? They’ve issued a statement on Deen’s appearance at the event. Read more