After a brief national scare this week, it turns out the U.S. won’t be affected by a global shortage of bacon. That’s good news for the Daily Grill at 18th and M st. in Dupont.

After a three-week hiatus, The restaurant’s bar reopened last night and members of the media were invited to see its new look and try the new happy hour specials. Two of the new menu items, the Capitol Dog and the Crab Cake BLT, are heavy on the bacon.

Along with new food and beers on the menu, the bar was gutted and revamped with new seats, TVs and light fixtures. Here’s how the night went:

We met Carl…

Sitting with the rest of the media who attended was Carl Pierre. He writes for, a startup about startups and the social scene in D.C. “You forget how much you actually use your phone until you don’t have one,” Pierre said unprompted as he watched another guest type on her phone. It turns out Pierre was without a phone last night because he had recently been robbed at H Street Country Club in NE, D.C. He had placed his wallet/phone holder on a table. Inside was $200 cash, his credit cards and his iPhone 4S. He turned away for a flash and it was gone. Pierre used a GPS app on his friend’s phone to locate his. He saw it moving and he followed it a few blocks before approaching “a bad neighborhood.” He gave up on the chase and has resigned to purchasing the iPhone 5.

More on the food, drinks and who showed up…

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