No more free labor — Hey, interns have rights, too. Slate’s Cullen Seltzer discusses the case of Glatt v. Fox Searchlight Pictures, in which a federal judge ruled that interns on the crews of two movies, one of which was “Black Swan,” were employees and are entitled to be paid with actual money. The phenomenon of interns willing to work for free to build their resume and network is not isolated to this case, but is very widespread. And though these interns agree to, and even compete for,  jobs that have no monetary return, Seltzer suggests that its not the interns that are suffering. While the employer is benefitting from free labor and the interns from experience building and networking (somehow that’s as good as money), it’s the worker, especially the entry-level worker, who gets shafted. The normally entry-level jobs are given out as unpaid internships, leaving those who need actual income with far less job opportunities.

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