Everyone knows handlers can be psychotic. They prevent, they block. They stumble all over themselves trying to barricade the star. In effect, they over handle. “He did the red carpet, he’s not doing any more interviews,” one of the handlers told us regarding Psy, of South Korean rapper, dancer Gangnam Style fame, who showed up to a CBS, The Atlantic and National Journal pre-party at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last night.

Meanwhile, he’s standing there smoking a cigarette — not crack, mind you — but a simple, legal cigarette. The handlers insisted, “Psy doesn’t want his picture taken while smoking a cigarette.” To that end, they even had a tall, broad guy in a suit with a big back purposefully ruining attempted photographs.

A relatively polite female blonde handler told passersby, “I’m so sorry, he just wants to smoke a cigarette with no one taking pictures.” To her cohort, she remarked, “Scooter told me if this fucks up, I’m done.” Uh oh. (And who’s Scooter?) Update: Kate Spencer, a senior writer/producer for VH1 tweets us that, “Pssst – Scooter is his manager, who also manages Justin Bieber.”

Here’s the thing, Psy. You seem like a nice guy — what I could detect from your warm facial expressions a good 20 feet away. But TOUGH SHIT. You come to Washington for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and to the Washington Hilton for the town’s nerdy version of the Oscars and you expect members of the media to avoid you? We like you, Psy, but it’s not exactly the most astute press strategy to hide behind plants and four nasty-ass handlers and smoke cigs and think no one will figure out a way to snap your photo.

And who died and made your brunette female handler The Decider of who can walk where at the party? At one point a female Capitol Hill aide attempted to walk past Psy to get to where she wanted to go. She was ordered by the handler, not security for Psy we might add, to walk around the other way to get to the other side of the party.

Here’s the exchange that transpired between the brunette handler and FishbowlDC. Read more