Something’s fishy — Normally we love fish-related stories, for obvious reasons, but this one scares us a little. If you’re a male who’s thinking of skinny-dipping in Scandinavia, you may want to think again. As CNN’s Leslie Holland reports, an exotic species of fish that has a habit of chomping on testicles has infiltrated the Danish/Swedish strait of Oresund. A “friendly cousin” of the piranha, the Pacu is actually a vegetarian and uses its large teeth to crush nuts, but sometimes bites the wrong type of nuts after mistaking testicles for their favorite snack. The fish is native to South America and could have been brought to Scandinavia by “amateur aquarium owners and fish farmers.” Don’t worry though, the Fishbowl is still Pacu-free.

The real Weiner film — We recently laid out some damn good ideas for an Anthony Weiner movie, but as TWT’s Cheryl K. Chumley reports, a real documentary may be in the works. In what could be only speculation, Chumley writes that Weiner has been close to MTV filmmaker Josh Kreigman, who has been recording nonstop for the past few months. The NYC mayoral candidate has also been carrying a black microphone box in his back pocket. According to the New York Post, and Weiner campaign officials, Weiner’s filming is only for a television ad. Kreigman, who used to be Weiner’s congressional district director, wouldn’t comment. We’re hoping to see a documentary soon on MTV, because we, at least, can’t get enough Weiner and please don’t take that the wrong way!

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