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Margaret Carlson Has a ‘Big Problem’ – She’s Been Hacked!

Friends of Bloomberg NewsMargaret Carlson: Don’t fall for the email many of you may have received this morning at the crack of dawn. No, she’s not in Madrid on an “urgent” trip recovering from being attacked on the way back to her hotel. And for God sake, do not send her money via wire transfer.

From: margaret carlson
Date: Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 6:13 AM
Subject: Big Problem

Hi. Just hoping this email reaches you well, I’m sorry for this emergency and for not informing you about my urgent trip to Madrid, Spain but I just have to let you know my present predicament. Everything was fine until I was attacked on my way back to the hotel, I wasn’t hurt but I lost my money, bank cards, mobile phone and my bag in the course of this attack. I immediately contacted my bank in order to block my cards and also made a report at the nearest police station. I’ve been to the embassy and they are helping me with my documentation so i can fly out but I’m urgently in need of some money to pay for my hotel bills and my flight ticket home, will PAY BACK as soon as i get back home. Kindly let me know if you would be able to help me out so I can forward you the details required for a wire transfer. I will expect your response soon.


John Harris Tries to Waterboard Us Again

John Harris, co-founder of Politico went on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz this weekend to talk about the coming election season. Although it was a roundtable with Matt Lewis from The Daily Caller and Margaret Carlson from Bloomberg, Kurtz dismissed them and settled in for a one-on-one with Harris about (SHOCKER, please sit down for this one…) Politico’s new E-Book, The Right Fights Back. Guess they realized the constant barrage of book promotion to it’s readers on “Playbook” had reached it’s saturation point and they needed to waterboard a new audience.

Harris takes a moment to talk about “classic new media reporter,” Mike Allen during the interview. On his relationship with Allen, Harris went on a seriously mushy mission and says, “I’ve always had a degree of frustration that he knows so much. There’s so much information rattling around his head and in his notebook.” Wow, John… This Mike Allen sounds like a real dreamboat! Tell me more! Now this is awkward… Kurtz next asks if Harris is disappointed that the E-Book didn’t make more news and “generate more headlines.” Harris says that Allen “did a lot of publicity in the first week and we’re quite pleased with that.” So the strategy worked? Well, not exactly. Harris admits that when it’s all said and done, they “might make a little money on this.” So, there you have it. Even after constant promotion, direct emails to its readers and non-stop mentions, they’ll make “a little money.”  Is all that worth pissing off the people that read your work?

Harris is banking on the fact that we won’t mind drowning in future E-Books. In fact, he says they’re planning “3 or 4 more” before the election.

Check out “Reliable Sources” by clicking here.

Sunday Morning Panels: Only Males Need Apply

Today we check in with the Sunday morning shows to find out how many trouser snakes will appear on the programs. CNN’s “Reliable Sources” also often invites on two female guests. It comes as no surprise that NBC’s “The Chris Matthews Show” is consistently the fairest of them all: two men, two women.

NBC’s “Meet the Press”: 1

Ted Koppel, Special Correspondent, NBC News, Lisa Myers, Investigative Correspondent, NBC News, Alex Castellanos, Republican Strategist, Chuck Todd, Political Director and Chief White House Correspondent, NBC News

CBS’s “Face the Nation”: 1

John Dickerson, CBS News Political Director
Norah O’Donnell, CBS News Chief White House Correspondent

ABC’s “This Week”: 1

Diane Sawyer, Anchor, World News, ABC
George Stephanopoulos, Anchor, Good Morning America, ABC News
Jake Tapper, Senior White House Correspondent, ABC News
Jonathan Karl, Senior Political Correspondent, ABC News
John Berman, Correspondent, ABC News

NBC’s “The Chris Matthews Show”: 2

Major Garrett, NJ
Kelly O’Donnell, NBC News
David Ignatius, WaPo
Gloria Borger, CNN

CNN “Reliable Sources”: 2

Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
John Harris, Politico
Matt Lewis, The Daily Caller
John Harris, Politico
Rachel Sklar, Mediaite
Robert Thompson, Syracuse University

FNC’s “Fox News Sunday”: We’ll scrounge for this and get it to you as quickly as we can.

Couric on Palin: ‘She Was Done With Me’

Former CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric still doesn’t get why former Gov. Sarah Palin answered the infamous “What do you read?” question in a deer in headlights manner.

This morning at The Atlantic/Aspen Institute Ideas Forum her interviewer, The Week’s Washington Editor Margaret Carlson, asked Couric to reflect on that interview with Palin. “It does kind of bug me when people only remember that question,” she said. (Carlson chimed in, saying she didn’t mean to “bug” her.) Couric went on, “I spent 45 minutes talking to Palin about foreign policy issues. We talked about nation building, Iran, a surge and how it might be effective. It was at the height of the fiscal crisis. It’s funny to me that that one question got so much attention. She was so annoyed with me at that point and just wanted me to be gone. What can I say?”

Couric reasoned at that point Palin hadn’t done much press. “Charles Gibson got to go to Wasilla,” she said. “I was terribly jealous.” FNC’s Sean Hannity snagged the second interview and Couric the third. “When I asked the question about what do you read, I was curious. It was just kind of a spontaneous question. I thought, gee I’m interested. She has such strong political views. Her ideology is so [dramatic pregnant pause] specific. I wanted to know what she read on a regular basis that helped shape her world view.”

Later in the interview, Couric recalled, Palin told her that “People in Alaska read. I was quite aware that people in Alaska read. I still, to this day, don’t understand why she wouldn’t answer that question straight on. I think she was just done with me at that point.”

Read the infamous Couric-Palin exchange after the jump…

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Pols, Press Toast Schieffer’s 20 Years of “Face the Nation”

Had you walked through the doors of the St. Regis Hotel at this time last night, there’s a good chance you would have bumped into Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) making a quick exit from the fete for Bob Schieffer’s 20th anniversary with “Face the Nation.”  But a brush with the House Minority Leader was only an appetizer for the smorgasbord of the bipartisan political power that partied inside the hotel’s Astor Ballroom.  Raising a glass to the legendary newsman were current and former Secretaries of Defense Leon Panetta and Donald Rumsfeld, Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX), Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) who has appeared on Face the Nation more than any other guest.  Representing the White House were Dag Vega and Jen Psaki.

In his remarks, a flattered Schieffer joked that when he first got to Washington, Republicans and Democrats always attended parties together.  “But now it’s a big deal,” he told the crowded room.

The Washington press corps were also out in full force for Bob’s big night.  Spotted in the crowd were Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee, Bob Woodward, FNC’s Ed Henry, NBC’s David Gregory and Betsy Fischer, Politico’s Jonathan Martin, Keach Hagey, Mike Allen and Patrick Gavin, Newshour’s Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff, Bloomberg’s Margaret Carlson, NYT’s David Sanger, WaPo’s Roxanne Roberts, and Steve Chaggaris. Rounding out the room were a slew of CBS talent and staff such as former “Face the Nation” EP Carin Pratt and current EP Mary Hager, Rob HendinKaylee Hartung, Chris Licht, Lara Logan, Jan Crawford, Nancy Cordes, Chip Reid, Bob Orr, Wyatt Andrews, John Dickerson, Christine Delargy, Walt Cronkite (Walter Cronkite’s grandson who now works in the DC bureau), Chris Isham and of course, the evening’s hosts and top network brass Jeff Fager and David Rhodes. Noticeably absent was new CBS News White House correspondent Norah O’Donnell who was in New York City covering the president and UN.

Throughout the evening a video highlighting Bob’s career played in the background – you can check it out here.  And if you missed our must-read interview with Schieffer last week, click here.

Power Players Flock to Kastles Opener

The Kastles flaunted their A-game for an A-list crowd last night, beating Kansas City 21-18, at the team’s season opener.  VIPs such as ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, Bloomberg’s Margaret Carlson, Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, DC Mayor Vince Gray, DC City Council Chairman Kwame Brown, basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabar, AOL founder Steve Case, AOL-HuffPost VP Peter Cherukuri, and Indonesian Ambassador Dino Djalal all hit the new Southwest Waterfront stadium to help Mark Ein cheer on Venus Williams and Washington’s winning tennis team.

The Kastles’ next match is tomorrow night against the Boston Lobsters.  Only five home games remain after this week so snatch up some tix before July 21st.

*This post is dedicated to the anonym-ass who complained about my Kastles love earlier today.

Awwwkward Times Between Two Scribes

Washington is known for his staid, bland, appropriateness. So it was a shocker last night at the Newseum screening of “Page One” when NJ‘s Marc Ambinder publicly insulted Politico Playbook by Mike Allen. At a panel post screening moderated by Bloomberg’s Margaret Carlson, Ambinder questioned Playbook’s usefulness and remarked that Allen’s select Birthday listings  — a cutesy section in which he mentions, for instance, a White House staffer’s birthday party and then offers a h/t to the person who tipped him off — only “further politicizes” Washington by “pushing the Administration’s message.”

Asked for comment this morning, Allen told FishbowlDC: “Marc’s conspiracy theories about birthdays strike me as goofy. I assume he was joking, and will remember to give him a polarizing birthday shout-out on Aug. 8.” He later added, “I have emailed with Marc and he was making a broader point about the press that has been lost in the birthday nonsense.”

Allen was obviously in the audience listening to his critic. At one point it was suggested that NJ‘s Hotline On Call was an early version of Playbook. This is when Ambinder went on the attack. Those in attendance say Allen turned to a man seated next to him, smiled, shrugged his shoulders in response and even walked to the stage after, perhaps to show Ambinder that he was there. “Pretty ballsy and smart,” one attendee remarked. The conversation quickly shifted to another subject just before the panel ended. No one really reacted or agreed with Ambinder.

Ambinder responded to our morning request for comment. “I love Playbook and find it helpful,” he wrote by email. “I was saying, as a random aside, because it popped into my brain at that moment, that it’s polarizing.  A lot of folks think it’s sycophantic and indicative of the too-cozy relationship between the press and those we cover.  That was germane to the subject we were discussing.

“When I read it, I tend to ignore the silly shout outs and skip to the helpful stuff.  Mike is an institution and to the extent that people gossip about his product, it is a reflection of our collective insecurity about what we do and our secret envy at his source base.”

Although there were no further reports of confrontation between Ambinder and Allen, one FishbowlDC spy did see Ambinder leaving the Newseum in a hurry. But perhaps the rushing was overstated. “I knew he was there,” wrote Ambinder. “How? I read it in Playbook.”

Press and Politicos Gather for Opinion Awards

*Photos by ImageLink for The Week.

The Week hosted its 8th annual Opinion Awards at the W Hotel last night.  Held to celebrate the year’s top opinion writers, the event boasted a potent dose of press and political power.

NBC’s “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory emceed the event honoring The Week‘s Cartoonist of the Year Tom Toles of WaPo, WSJ‘s Peggy Noonan who won Columnist of the Year, and Blogger of the Year John Sides, the voice behind  Mixing with The Week’s winners were guests like Sen. Lindsey Graham, Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” WaPo‘s Roxanne RobertsDebbie Dingell, Diane Danner, WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart, Grover Norquist, Gene Robinson, Terry McAuliffe, Robin and Austan Goolsbee and Margaret Carlson.  Representing The Week were EIC Bill Falk, Publisher Steven Kotok and Jessica Sibley.

But the evening’s most interesting “guest” may have been His Excellency Minister Plenipotentiary for Artistic Endeavors for the Embassy of the Bahamas – you remember good old Nelson Lewis, right?  The 26-year-old Fox News and “Laura Ingraham Show” alum who was exposed late last year for impersonating a Bahamian diplomat, Rolling Stone writer and Rep. Jack Kingston, somehow managed to make his way into a picture with Roxanne Roberts and John Sides (check it out in the slide show above).  Organizers confirmed that His Excellency was not on the guest list and therefore did not attend the dinner. But that didn’t stop him from mingling on the rooftop terrace after the event.  One guest recalls hearing Lewis tell another party-goer that he works for PBS. Perhaps he’s taking over Newshour for Jim Lehrer?

Guess Who’ll Be Writing for Bloomberg’s Editorial Section?

HuffPost‘s Michael Calderone is reporting that none other than famed WaPo columnist Ezra Klein (looking rather muscular here) will regularly contribute editorials to Bloomberg View. He joins a roster that includes Jonathan Alter of Newsweek, former OMB director Peter Orszag, The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg, and Bloomberg‘s Margaret Carlson and Al Hunt.

Not to worry, Klein will keep his job at WaPo, as will Goldberg at the Atlantic.

Read more about the new section here.

Enquiring Minds Speculate: What Will Dodd Do Now?

What will Dodd do next?

Wild speculation was in the air last night atop the offices of the Bipartisan Policy Center, which was formed by former Senate Majority Leaders, Dole, Daschle, Mitchell and Baker. Former Ag Sec. Dan Glickman, a BPC Senior Fellow, worked the room at the reception in his honor. Journos like Margaret Carlson, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, CNN Senior Political Analyst Gloria Borger and local ABC’s Gordon Peterson were spotted mingling in the crowd.

Glickman was until recently the chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America which continues to look for a new lobbying chief since his departure.  Bob Pisano, former head of the Screen Actors Guild remains in the top post as the interim CEO of the MPAA, but speculation has run rampant ever since the vacancy.  Former Sen. Bob Kerrey was the latest top name to bow out over the summer, and moderate Republican Tom Davis has been rumored to be the next candidate.  One name that continues to circulate is retiring Senator Chris Dodd.  Wonder if this photo is Dodd’s reaction to Glickman offering him the new gig?

We hear that Glickman, who was rumored to be the next Dean at GWU’s Graduate School of Political Management, will instead teach a course there called, “The Politics of Food” with Wendi Hausfeld, daughter of DC attorney Michael Hausfeld.