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Daily Caller’s Hot Potato Goes After Media

This should make things nice and cozy in the White House Briefing room.

Today The Daily Caller‘s Questioner-in-Chief Neil Munro sets his sights on the press corps, critiquing them for not asking the right questions. Or better said, asking lame questions instead of questioning President Obama about “the meltdown” of his Muslim outreach policy.

Instead, writes Munro, the press squandered its time on “low impact” questions about whether “officials timed today’s announcement of a new lawsuit against Chinese auto part makers to aid the president’s two campaign stops in Ohio.” Other “softballs” according to Munro included: 1. A question about the beautiful weekend weather and President Obama not being out on the golf course and about 2. How the President is monitoring the situation in Afghanistan.

Questions Munro thinks the media should have been addressed… Read more

Fishbowl Summer Superlatives – THE RESULTS!

Now that everyone has had a chance to vote, the results are in for the FishbowlDC Superlatives. We’ll be rolling out the results today and tomorrow, so be on the lookout to see how your nominees did.

Biggest Self Promoter– This was the closest vote that we had in the whole competition. It was between Former Daily Caller reporter Michelle Fields, ABC News White House Correspondent Jake Tapper, The Daily Beast and CNN’s Howard Kurtz, WaPo’s Chris Cillizza and Publicist Tammy Haddad. The photo finish saw Tammy Haddad beat out Fields by only five votes! Congratulations Tammy!

Worst Temper– The candidates were Mother Jones’s David Corn, Politico’s Jim VandeHei, Politico’s Tim Grieve, Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher, and Slate’s Matt Yglesias. The people have spoken and they say Tim Grieve has the worst temper in Washington! We’d congratulate him, but we’re afraid it might set him off.

Favorite Flack– We asked you to choose between POTUS campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki, Mitt Romney spokesman Brendan Buck, House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor’s Deputy Chief of Staff Doug Heye and NRCC’s Brian Walsh (pitched as Drama and Turtle), C-SPAN’s Howard Mortman, and House Maj. Whip Kevin McCarthy spokeswoman Erica Elliott. Despite a last minute push by Mortman, the winners were Doug Heye and Brian Walsh!

Most Likely to Wind Up in Jail– The suspects choices were Politico’s Joe Williams, PR Exec. David Bass, BuzzFeed’s John Stanton, The Daily Caller’s David Martosko, The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro, Reason‘s Mike Riggs and freelancer Moe Tkacik. The overwhelming winner was Joe Williams.

Class Clown: This category was a joke. The results were the most lopsided in all of the superlatives. The contenders were Sirius XM’s Julie Mason, Roll Call HOH’s Neda Semnani, Yahoo! News’ Olivier KnoxReuter‘s Sam Youngman, The Atlantic‘s Scott Stossel, Wonkette and The Guardian‘s Jim Newell and The Drudge Report’s Charlie Hurt. Julie Mason walked away with this category with a crushing 46 percent of the vote.

Most likely to end up with a reality show– In D.C., there are PLENTY of options, but we narrowed them down to Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher, ABC7’s Stephen Tschida, TWT‘s Emily Miller, Susanna Quinn, Publicist and blogger Janet Donovan, NBC’s Luke Russert, Current TV’s David Shuster,and CNN’s Roland Martin. The winner of this category was…  Emily Miller! (Our advice would be to make sure you get the lighting right on her reality show or she might shoot the bulbs out.)

Thanks to everyone who voted, but we aren’t done yet with the big reveal. Check back tomorrow to find out the winners of all of our other categories, which include Best Writer, Sexiest, and Best On-Air Personality!

Morning Chatter

Quote of the Day

“Um, ABC?”WSJ‘s Jonathan Weisman on ABC report on male orgasms. Weisman was responding to this: “Karezza: Men Say Best Sex Comes Without Orgasm” Read here.

Munro stays.

“In other news, the WH Correspondents Assn says it won’t punish the Daily Caller reporter who heckled Obama at Rose Garden event last month.” — HuffPost‘s Jennifer Bendery on The Daily Caller‘s Neil Munro, who heckled President Obama during a speech.

Journo Travel Complaints

  • “What’s w/ DC power? Stuck on Acela 5 minutes from Union Station. Grrrr.” — The Daily Beast‘s Robin Givhan.
  • “Looks like I spoke too soon – Bad weather hit as we were taxiing and now my @Delta jet is sitting on the tarmac, getting rained on – #weep” — NRA News’ Cameron Gray.

Pooler writes of Second Lady’s ‘midsection’

VPOTUS Vegas Pooler Tovin Lapan, of the Las Vegas Sun, dared to write about Dr. Jill Biden‘s “midsection” in a Pool Report Tuesday, writing, “The second lady, wearing a yellow dress with a large bow around the midsection, and matching yellow jacket, also greeted everyone.” He addressed Veep Joe Biden‘s attire, saying, “Temperatures in Las Vegas surpassed 100 degrees, and Biden ditched his jacket from his navy blue suit after his speech…With his sleeves rolled up, and wearing a navy blue tie spotted with white sailboats, the vice president shook the hand of every veteran…” Editor Takes Another Whack at Buzzfeed

“Buzzfeed is the TMZ of left-wing politics: Creepy, petty, and mean. Ann Romney in erectile dysfunction ads, stalking fundraisers. My God.” —’s John Nolte, who has been relentlessly hammering away at Buzzfeed backing Team Obama for several months. Smith had no comment on Nolte’s remark, but instead directed me to his piece this morning on trolls and the business of engaging them. See here. Ahh…timeliness, we love that!

Dare to dream…

“A Chinese-style high-speed train between NY and DC would take 1 hour and 40 min.” — NYT Washington Bureau Chief David Leonhardt.

Take Note: At high noon Politico‘s wild bunch of LIVE journos — With Exec. Editor Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen in charge, what could possibly go wrong? Juana Summers, Patrick Gavin, Reid Wilson, Charlie Mahtesian and First Politico Son James Hohmann will hopefully be hamming it up for today’s livestream show. Watch here.

The Daily Caller Draws Journo Ire

On Friday The Daily Caller stirred up sticky emotions within the left wing media when they tweeted what some felt was poor taste. The topic: The 70-year-old Akron diner owner who died from a heart attack Friday just three hours after meeting President Obama. The body was likely still warm when The Daily Caller made the crack.

Were they trying to antagonize? Take a look.

Daily Caller: “Obama might have lost a vote in Ohio.” They linked to this, a story by Justin Green that was a mere 93 words and packed with basics and a quote from the Akron Beacon Journal.

HuffPost political reporter Sabrina Siddiqui: “Show some class.”

TPM‘s Brian Beutler: “And perhaps some side boob.”

Mother Jones‘ soon-to-be full-time Washington-based Social Media guru and National Security Correspondent Adam Weinstein remarked, “You don’t have to be a loyal opposition. You don’t even have to be respectful. But can you at least be humane? @DailyCaller”

And the DNC’s mouthy Social Media coordinator Greg Greene weighed in, saying, “They could do worse. They could send Neil Munro to cover the funeral.”

Beacon Writer Cheers on Neil Munro

Amid the numerous calls for the firing of The Daily Caller‘s resident heckler Neil Munro are the conservative voices cheering him on. One such voice is Patrick Howley, a staff writer for Free Beacon, a new conservative Washington publication, who wrote into FBDC this week to respond to WaPo Dana Milbank‘s attempt to equate Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson to an outhouse. Milbank declared that Murno should be fired. Howley had another point of view:

Dana Milbank is a Yale graduate and member of Skull and Bones. Neil Munro is an Irish immigrant trying to earn a living at the Daily Caller. The smug rich need to stop using their public platforms to interfere with the livelihoods of immigrants they’ve never met.

The WaPo newsroom is chock-full of “Big Chill” Baby Boomers and their smarmy little offspring. These pampered WaPo heirs and debutantes seem to relish in trying to get people fired, which is arguably the most evil thing I’ve ever seen. Stand up for the working man! It is patently clear who is right in this important conflict, and it has nothing to do with politics.

Neil! Neil! Neil! Neil!

Patrick Howley

Ask Piranhamous Anything

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another installment of: “Ask Piranhamous Anything.” And we do mean anything. Send your queries to This isn’t an advice column — Piranhamous doesn’t know what the hell you should do with your life any more than you do — and worse, he doesn’t care. Try to keep your questions short — we want to keep this fun, simple, funny and insightful.

1. What if MSNBC decides to go with Megan McCain to fill the 3pm slot?

Can you fill a void with a void? I think science is against that being possible. MSNBC can’t have two hosts who can’t read a teleprompter, and they already have Al Sharpton, so it seems unlikely. While the network is a joke, I doubt highly they want to directly compete with Comedy Central, so there’s no way this happens. On the other hand, it would be viewing gold…for comedy, not ratings. America has proven time and again that we don’t care what Meghan McCain thinks about anything, which would make her a ratings natural for MSNBC, but even they aren’t that crazy.

2. What do you think of Chris Hayes‘ new book, the Twilight of Elites: America After Meritocracy?

I, like the vast majority of Americans, tend not to think about Chris Hayes. His new book is the print version of “Up with Chris,” a relentless whining about how unfair everything is. I doubt highly Chris’ contract negotiations with MSNBC involved making sure he wasn’t paid significantly more than his show’s staff or that everyone got a raise and made as much as he did. In fact, I’d bet he has no idea how much his staff makes, and doesn’t care. I’m always annoyed by people who make a lot of money by complaining that people don’t make a lot of money, people who complain about the “unfairness of capitalism” while raking in the benefits of capitalism and calling for an end to it. You’d think someone who is successful through hard work would extol the virtues of hard work to get ahead, but in today’s unjustified high self-esteem society, where reward has been separated from actual accomplishment, I’m sure Chris will sell a lot of books. You’ll never go broke telling a bunch of unthinking losers they’re not failures because they didn’t take risks or bust their asses but because someone else or “the system” is screwing them over. It’s the Michael Moore business model and it makes people rich.

3. What do you think of all the calls for The Daily Caller‘s Neil Munro to be fired? You think he should be?

Was it rude? Sure. Was it the end of the world? Absolutely not. I thought asking questions was the media’s job? I could be wrong about that, you don’t see it much anymore, but when the President, any President, announces he’s bypassing Congress and changing the law on his own, the media’s job is to ask questions, not just take notes. The White House Press Corps is too content be stenographers or cheerleaders these days. I’d prefer they adopt the philosophy that every President is named Bush and act accordingly. They won’t, they can’t put aside the fact that they’re anxiously awaiting their absentee ballot so they can re-vote for Obama with all the joy Ralphie had waitng for his Little Orphan Annie decoder ring in A Christmas Story. That fact is bringing about the death of journalism, so it’s not surprise that someone would suffer some death throes and shout a question to a President not known for being questioned or being particularly good at answering them. Should he be fired? Hell no!


The Daily Caller Makes Sexy Time

Now that the hubbub over The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro‘s outburst is starting to die down, the website is trying to find a way to keep it alive. There is no new angle. There is no new hook. There is only…  Hot chicks. And that’s what The Daily Caller uses in this slideshow of “10 Supermodels Who Love Neil Munro.” It just a nonsensical slideshow of female models in varying stages of undress. It makes zero sense. Why even bother wasting the man hours on the photoshopping of these pictures? Just to crowbar in pictures of semi-nude women? Mediaitenoticed the same weirdness earlier in the day.

One model that DIDN’T pose with Munro is The Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields. She posted  this pic to Facebook as she prepared to appear on Sean Hannity‘s TV show. Take a close look at the pic. It’s a picture of Michelle Fields taking a picture of Michelle Fields, taking a picture of Michelle Fields. In other words, she has taken her self-absorption to a whole new level.

WaPo’s Dana Milbank Chastises Tucker Carlson

WaPo‘s Dana Milbank finally got around to schoolmarming The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson last night in an op-ed that compares Carlson to a Montana outhouse. And we all know what those are like, right? Not. Pretty. At. All.

Moving at a swift clip, Milbank takes his outhouse analogy, which semi-works but feels like a giant, awkward stretch of sticky pink taffy, and winds around to: Neil Munro should be fired, a point made repeatedly since Friday’s incident. He describes what Munro did as “outrageous” and “unprecedented.” Along the way, he blames conservatives for marring the way a large percentage of Americans now view the presidency. He cites a few polls revealing the low percentage of Americans who hold the office in high regard.

“Conservative leaders may believe it benefits them that one in six voters still thinks Obama is Muslim. But when conservatives sanction the debasement of Obama, they are debasing the presidency itself.”

But Milbank doesn’t complete his scolding by comparing Carlson to a public toilet scrawled with phony numbers to call first lady Michelle Obama, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton “for a good time.” He takes his tough love to another level by telling Carlson that he has disappointed him, let him down. Who does Milbank think he is, Carlson’s MOTHER? Or worse, his life coach?

“That’s why my confidence in Tucker Carlson has dropped. I’ve liked him for years, even forgiving him his brief moment on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ I have been impressed by his launch of the Daily Caller, a Web site with first-rate talent such as Matt Lewis. But now Carlson is turning the Daily Caller into the Daily Heckler.”

And finally the outhouse analogy comes full circle as Milbank writes about the stench inside an outhouse, which is really where all this was going. You can’t have an outhouse analogy and not discuss the smell. The only thing we might have added was flies.

“Heckling the president in the middle of a Rose Garden speech isn’t holding the president to account. It is belittling the presidency, and it smells just as bad as an outhouse in the Missoula summer.”

So let’s get this straight: Milbank writes an entire column blaming conservatives and pointedly Carlson for the debasing the office of the presidency and in the process debases Carlson by equating him to a crapper?

At this point what may be in the crapper is the relationship between the two newsmen. Despite the fact that Milbank spoke to Carlson for the column, Carlson says he hasn’t read it and won’t. “Like most people, I quit reading the Post a while ago,” he told FBDC. “So I haven’t seen it.”

Scribe Angry at CNN Host After Bizarre Kerfuffle

The Daily Caller‘s Matt Lewis is giving CNN and The Daily Beast/Newsweek‘s Howard Kurtz a tongue lashing after a Sunday appearance on “Reliable Sources” that has left him at odds with the host.

As with many Sundays, Lewis went on the program to discuss the week’s most intriguing media stories. This week one story happened to involve a Daily Caller colleague and infamous Obama heckler Neil Munro. As Lewis began to speak, Kurtz assumed Lewis had “talking points” and accused Lewis of simply defending his colleague. Kurtz then went a strange step further by writing a blog post insisting that Lewis didn’t actually believe what he was saying. “When the spin gets ludicrous, I can lose my usual patience,” Kurtz wrote on The Daily Download. “…When the Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis was in the studio on Sunday, I don’t think he really believed what he was saying. He was giving me talking points—absurd talking points—to defend his conservative website.”

Lewis fired back in a story late Tuesday saying that not only did he believe what he said, but that Kurtz obviously went into his own program with his mind made up on the Munro issue and wouldn’t tolerate a viewpoint other than his own. “It’s one thing to disagree with me — that’s fine — but to imply I don’t actually believe what I said is beyond the pale,” the scribe wrote.

Asked if he’ll return to “Reliable Sources” Lewis told FishbowlDC this morning that he would. He said he didn’t feel that his relationship with Kurtz would be ruined by this. “If there were ever an office environment that allowed — no, encouraged! — intellectual honesty and public displays of dissent, this would be it,” he said of The Daily Caller. “Howie and I have had a long and happy relationship, and I have every hope and expectation that will continue. I’m happy to go on the show anytime they ask.  I like Howie personally, and am a fan of the show. And unlike a lot of people in the TV business, he doesn’t strike me as the kind to hold a grudge.”

Lewis threw in this olive branch: “And if it helps us mend fences, he’s welcome to stop by the Daily Caller for a beer summit, anytime!”

Kurtz has already softened toward Lewis. He told FBDC in an email, “I will absolutely have Matt Lewis back many times. He’s a smart guy, a good guest and is welcome to disagree with me anytime.”

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Thought Bubble: Ann Romney, you are no Laura Bush

“Honor Laura Bush. She stood up for women & she puts up with the repubs.” — CNN Contributor Hilary Rosen in response to women protesting former first lady Laura Bush being given the Alice Award, for a woman who advances other women.

Father’s Day wishes (well, sort of)

“Happy father’s day — or as they call it in my family, happy brother-in-law’s day.” — Writer and human rights lawyer Ronan Farrow. Farrow is Special Adviser to the Sec. of State for Global Youth Issues. He is the only biological child of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow.

Q: Which NYT columnist follows singer/actress Katy Perry? A: David Brooks

Convo Between Two Journos

Slate‘s Matt Yglesias: “Admittedly, I found Wawa amazing when I first went. Then again I was high as a kite at the time.” InTheseTimes Magazine Labor Writer Mike Elk: “Things we both agree on.”

News You Can Use

“PSA for congressional reporters: If you forget your license, your federally issued press ID will get you thru airport security.” — USA Today‘s Susan Davis.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day: Nail Polish Alert

“A perfect summer shade thanks to @caroljoynt and @CHANEL” — Bloomberg reporter and photog Stephanie Green. (Although we must admit, the shade is pretty.)

The Appointed Media Critic

“Is there ANYTHING more painful to watch on cable TV than the 2-3 minutes transition between @BashirLive and @DylanRatigan?!” — Newsbusters’ Ken Shepherd.

Liberal analyst: Obama heckler should be stripped of press pass

“Resorting to race-baiting or pitting groups of human beings against one another is not journalism worthy of a White House press pass.” — MSNBC Analyst Karen Finney writes on The Daily Caller‘s Neil Munro‘s “Incivility” for The Hill.