Brandus gives life advice to grads — In his column for The Week, Paul Brandus offers his advice to high school graduates. When he was was 18, he says, he made a list of everything he wanted to do with his life. One might call it a bucket list. As he got older he added some things to the list and dropped others. “You might think some of these are cliches — but they’re also true, and will help you lead a truly fulfilling life,” he says. It’s a pretty extensive list, and has cliches, as Brandus warned. But much of the list seemed like advice that wasn’t dished by out old, successful people at every commencement speech or given by every aunt, uncle and grandparent at graduation parties. The first piece of advice: “Zig when others zag.” Brandus goes on to encourage traveling, and taking only carry-ons whenever possible. He also gives a lot of advice about baseball — where to sit to catch a foul ball, which parks are the best, whether to watch games on TV or listen to them on the radio. Thanks for the advice, Paul. We’ll be sure not to visit the salad bar after 3 p.m.

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