This weekend, we took on the task of wading through the Washington Examiner‘s opinion section, mostly so you don’t have to. Here’s a taste of what we found.

Off with her head?

In an editorial, the Examiner parses the vast differences between “taking responsibility” and taking “the blame” — noting that while Hillary Clinton has “taken responsibility” for the death of diplomats in Benghazi, she has not actually taken “blame” and this is a big problem. The latter, it seems, would’ve resulted in something far more horrible than the collective sigh from likely 2016 voters polling has revealed, something more akin to… Ned Stark’s fate on Game of Thrones? We’re exaggerating, but that only seems appropriate when describing 524 words devoted to the huge, colossal and completely imaginary gulf between two phrases that mean the exact same thing. And to be fair, this wasn’t even an original Examiner thought. They were just piggy-backing on a piece in USAToday by blogger Glenn Harlan Reynolds.

See the others…

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