Our new favorite person is Brian Weidy. This aspiring writer from New York City and regular PolicyMic contributor is heading into his sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Yesterday, for his 200th PolicyMic piece, he penned an essay titled “Why I Am Majoring in Journalism Despite Everyone Telling Me Not to.” There’s no doubt a Master’s from Columbia remains the gold standard for conversion to choice employment. But on the undergrad side, people like Weidy have to deal with a lot of ongoing skepticism. As he writes:

Despite these guys [The Daily Beast], them [The Daily Beast], them again [The Daily Beast] and even these other guys [Gawker] telling me that this is the worst major to pursue, as a naïve 19-year-old, I feel some sort of collegiate-aged burden to pursue what I really love. And if three more years pass and the real-world comes knocking, I could find myself working in PR or advertising. But until then, my dreams of having a column in the Times or in The New Yorker are still firmly intact.

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