Billie Criswell

Frankford, DE USA

Professional Experience

I am a freelance writer, columnist, and blogger. I specialize in lifestyle, food, and women's writing. As a writer I am versatile, work well on assignment, and always meet deadlines with ease!


2 Years


Entry Level
2 Years
1 Year


Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
1 Year
Newspaper - Local/Regional
1 Year
2 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

2 Years

Computer Skills

pages, word, excel, office hours, Medisoft, blogger, google documents, iTunes,


Macbook, Cannon Rebel T2i, audio recorder,


Sex & Relationships

Lifestyle piece about re-defining your roles post-marriage.
A look a marriage, passion, and romance, this piece takes aim at a horoscope that proclaims "even laundry night can be like date night!"
Want to know how to avoid a bad summer romance? Don't worry, I've got you covered with 5 ways to have fun without all the mess and drama!
Dear Wendy is an advice website where I am a guest columnist. I give advice to people on various issues concerning relationships, friendships, and everything in between.

Food & Beverage

Profile on a local chef, Hari Cameron, as well as the local restaurant, Nage.
Learn to can tomatoes easily and capture the flavor of summer. You can enjoy the taste of in-season tomatoes all year long!
I take a tour of the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, De, where all the magic happens!
We are all familiar with fast food, but are we familiar with slow food? One company's mission is to bring seasonal, slow food to the people all over the United States, one smaller region at a time.
Chickpea falafel aims to bring flavor and health to diners.

Green Industries

When a man is laid off from his job, he stumbles into an art form that he not only loves, but is green too!
All the wonderful reasons why quitting smoking is healthy and green, too!


Where to get the beach's best jewelry and what is trending for the summer 2011 season!
This is a column from Beach Paper, a local publication where I have a weekly column. This publication runs from May to October.
Profile column on a local glassblower.
I head to a local yoga studio to work on my flexibility and learn from a man who claims that yoga changed his life.


Following two traumatic deaths, I learned to reach deep to smile through meditation. Smiling meditation allowed me to learn to smile again, even when my insides didn't match my outsides.
A special publication of the Cape Gazette, this special booklet includes ways to care for our special friends: our pets!
This is a publication focusing on home and garden from the Cape Gazette. I wrote two pieces, one that focuses on hurricane preparedness, and the other about redecorating your bedroom.
This is my blog where I cover food, sex, and everything in between. Here, my readers can find great recipes, pictures of food, and advice and commentary on marriage, sex, and relationships.