Maura Christopher

New York City, NY USA

Professional Experience

I’m a creative, deadline-oriented writer and editor skilled in producing compelling articles, annual reports, op-eds, blog pieces, e-newsletters, and web and social media content. If you need excellent, SEO-friendly results for your editorial, nonprofit, or marketing needs, please contact me. I can manage your project from conception to completion, serve as a developmental editor, or deliver the well-researched and written article you need on-time and within budget. I'm familiar with Wordpress and other content management systems and can upload and promote your content as well as produce it. I've worked for consumer and educational publishers, and my areas of expertise include health and education. Please see my LinkedIn profile for more details. Thank you!


Content Editor (online)
8 Years
20 Years
Other, Specify
8 Years


7 Years
7 Years
Family, Children & Teenagers
7 Years


Academia Other
7 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
5 Years
8 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

20 Years

Other Work History

Editorial Director, Phoenix House Foundation; Communications Director, Colin Powell School, CCNY

Technical Skills

photo editing, audio editing, some video editing

Computer Skills

Wordpress and other CMS, html, photoshop, some Indesign


Avant Guild, CASE,


True Stories/ "As Told To" pieces

Client profile: alcoholism recovery
Client profile-alcoholism recovery

Annual Reports


Op-ed-style blog post written on behalf of Phoenix House leadership: [Opening] If a doctor is negligent-for instance, if a surgeon removes the wrong kidney-he or she can be sued for damages. Now, in a decision with widespread implications ...
Q&A-style blog post: [Opening] Last month, Phoenix House welcomed Benjamin Nordstrom, M.D., Ph.D., as its new Vice President and Medical Director for Program Development.... We recently asked Dr. Nordstrom about addiction treatment, how it's changed, and what many people misunderstand about it.
News-oriented blog post written on behalf of Phoenix House leadership: [Opening] Recently the state of Massachusetts released findings that the percentage of grandparents raising their grandkids is up 20 percent since 2005, a statistic officials link to the state's massive opioid epidemic.
Interview-style blog post: [Opening] This past month, a powerful special report, "Heroin USA," aired on the Al Jazeera network. Produced by award-winning journalist Soledad O'Brien, the piece offers a moving view of the lives and struggles of three heroin users from the suburbs of Cincinnati.
Service-style article written on behalf of Phoenix House leadership: [Opening] Picture a young man with his eyes rolled back in his head, hyperventilating, dripping buckets of sweat. That's the scene I witnessed almost five years ago, the first time I saw a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana ...
Op-ed-style blog post written on behalf of Phoenix House leadership: [Opening] By now much of the outrage over the message Bud Light splayed across its label-"The perfect beer for removing the word 'no' from your vocabulary for the night"-has subsided.
This is a service-oriented blog post, written on behalf of Phoenix House leadership: [Opening] Helping a loved one-or yourself-get treatment for an addiction, clinically known as substance use disorder, can feel overwhelming, and questions about how to pay for treatment may compound your worries.