Carly Milne


Professional Experience

I'm a journalist, author and editor, writing lifestyle content including beauty and fashion, travel and wellness, and everything entertainment. I've written for Yahoo,, the Los Angeles Times, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Indiewire, Yoga Journal, the Chicago Sun Times, Variety and many others. I also have extensive experience in copywriting and corporate communications. Past clients include UCLA Anderson, Carrington Mortgage Services, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, Nordstrom, GLAMGLOW, Silk Milk, Lamps Plus, Luxe Hotel Group, BBDO, Pressed Juicery, and AT&T.


18 Years
20 Years
28 Years


28 Years
28 Years
20 Years


Pr/marketing - all
18 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
28 Years
Online/new media
20 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

28 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs) (6-10), Yahoo (10+), Hollywood Reporter (3-5), Indiewire (1-2), Los Angeles Times (1-2), Variety (10+), AOL (10+), (6-10), The Chicago Sun-Times (1-2), Rolling Stone (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

UCLA Anderson (10+), Hoag Memorial Presbyterian (3-5), Carrington Mortgage Services (10+), ETA Agency (6-10), Nordstrom (1-2), GLAMGLOW (6-10), Cabeau (6-10), MVC Agency (10+), Fabletics (10+), Irwin Naturals (10+), (10+)

Other Work History

* News Editor, TheWrap * Contributing Writer and Staff Editor, AOL (Various Properties) * Contributing Writer, Variety Weekend * Blogger, Gawker Media

Technical Skills

Light Photoshop, HTML, WordPress and various other CMS platforms.

Foreign Language Skills

English, learning Spanish, fluent in Canadian

Computer Skills

PC literate, Mac proficient. MS Office, Google properties, Final Draft, etc.


Dell laptop with built-in web cam, iPhone for voice recorder

Work Permits & Visas

Landed resident Alien, so I'm safe to hire for whatever, whenever.


Upon request


Nominated for several Internet-related awards, including Outstanding Young Woman of the Year at the Women in New Media Awards, and won one for Best Online Publication at the Canadian New Media Awards.

Work Samples


Using my own obsession over Futurama as a jumping off point, I look at why sci-fi shows have a dedicated following long after they've finished airing their final episode. Features commentary from Dr. John Schinnerer, who consulted with Pixar on the creation of Anger for Inside Out.
An insider look at what was going on in the Dolby Theater -- and at the first floor bar -- during the Oscars, including Jennifer Lawrence's encounter with a stage 5 clinger, Margot Robbie's dress malfunction quick fix, and more.
A fly-on-the-wall account of the famed Governors Ball, detailing who was hanging out with whom (Zendaya and Tom Holland), who was a total boss (Rita Moreno), who was ravenous for the buffet (Tiffany Haddish), and more.
On the eve of his Tide commercial debut, actor David Harbour talked with me about the Stranger Things fandom, his bromance with co-star Joe Keery, his unique social media presence, and why it doesn't qualify him to be the Internet's new boyfriend.
A preview of Rose McGowan's E! docuseries, Citizen Rose, highlighting the most noteworthy parts of the show.
An insider's account of the Golden Globes and all the moments you didn't see on TV, including the pandemonium surrounding The Rock's arrival, Tom Hanks balancing five martinis through the maddening crowd, and Oprah's uncanny ability to get a room full of chatterboxes to shut up and listen for five minutes.
I was invited to actor Jerry O'Connell's home to discuss his gig as the host of Animal Planet's AKC National Championship Dog Show Presented by Royal Canin. I met his dogs. They're awesome.
I went to Miley Cyrus' 16th birthday party at Disneyland, which was an oddball and ridiculous PR stunt. So I recounted the whole experience in honor of her 25th birthday.
A gallery with captions in honor of Leonardo DiCaprio's 43rd birthday, which is quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever written.
Kim Kardashian and I share a birthday. The similarities end there. Ergo, a study in extreme birthday opposites was necessary.
As more and more of Hollywood's men came forward to speak about their sexual assault experiences - including Terry Crews, James Van Der Beek, and more - I spoke with experts and therapists who shed light on how many men are affected by sexual assault and the challenges they face in coming forward.
After the celebrity scandal comes the inevitable "stepping out" story, which I've always found bizarre. So I spoke with a media and branding expert about this phenomenon, using recent examples (Kevin Hart, Josh Duhamel, etc.) to find out why it's imperative to rehabbing a celebrity's image.
After Eva Longoria was photographed with a food baby while on vacation, I wrote about the gross national pastime of Bump Watch - and why we need to (finally) listen to what Jennifer Aniston was trying to teach us about this practice years ago.
In the spirit of Wild Kingdom, I write an expose of the elusive Biebermonster while he's on hiatus from touring and recording.
After Olivia Munn got raked over the coals post-split from Aaron Rogers, I spoke with experts to explore why we demonize female celebs in break-ups, including Amber Heard, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie and more.
In the wake of the news that Paris Hilton DJ'ed a free yoga class, I did a deeper dive into all the weird things she's put her name on to make money over the years, including hair extensions, a scrapbooking kit for teens, and a children's clothing line (yes, really.)
The Brangelina split settled into two distinctly different storylines after the dust settled on their uncoupling. Here, I looked at how the media were inventing the new narrative for single Brad and Angelina - and why it was misguided.
A first-person essay detailing how my love for Los Angeles deepened, even though my love affairs in Los Angeles seemed to fade quickly.
John Cena was doing the promotional rounds for the Nintendo Switch, so I talked with him about console nostalgia, violence in video games, hosting the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, and what the future holds.
After the premiere of the documentary "Valentine Road," about the school slaying of young Larry King, I spoke with the producers, directors, and those in attendance - including Alan Ball - about the film's difficult subject matter and how they hope it incites change.
A look at how television has become the medium for fueling important explorations and discussions surrounding sex, now that film has shied away from it.
An interview with director Kandeyce Jordan about her documentary film, "Girl," following the world of female DJs.
An insider look at what - and how - Hollywood's leading actors and businessmen are waxing, shaving and trimming to take their grooming to the next level.
Somewhat of a psychological profile of the men on the FX show Archer, as explained by the actors that voice them. Includes insight from H. Jon Benjamin, Chris Parnell, Lucky Yates and more.
What TV's villains, narcissists and bad guys are teaching men about being men. Features interviews with Kurt Sutter, creator of "Sons of Anarchy"; Mitch Glazer, creator of "Magic City"; H. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Sterling Archer on "Archer"; and Anson Mount from "Hell on Wheels."


Wrote the website copy for Carrington Connects, which simplifies the home buying process by taking everything online and connecting buyers with the support they need through this easy interface.
A database featuring hundreds of articles geared to home buyers at different stages of the process, helping them to understand more about the loan process, things to look for when buying a home, and what to prepare for once they become home owners.
Wrote copy for the different areas of the Ph.D. program, designed to highlight each department's strengths, call out important research and papers, and entice prospective students to enroll at UCLA Anderson.
An interactive site highlighting UCLA Anderson's accomplishments and stand-out moments from 2017, including the annual Pulse Conference, the groundbreaking of Marion Anderson Hall, the Dean's Distinguished Speaker Series, and much more.
A save-the-date e-mail announcing the 2018 Energy Innovation Conference, including invited speakers and an overview of this year's event.
Ahead of the John Wooden Global Leadership Awards, I profiled the four students gifted a John Wooden Global Leadership Fellowship. One of them was Anna Goldberg, an MBA student and president of Anderson’s Women’s Business Connection.
A press release announcing the opening of Warwick, a hot new club/lounge in the heart of Hollywood featuring artisan cocktails, a celebrity clientele, and a powerful team behind the scenes known for launching L.A.'s most popular parties and nightclubs.
1886 Bar is known for their innovative themed seasonal cocktail menus. In this release, I highlight their spring offerings and the stories behind their names and creation in a press release that went out to top L.A. media on the food and drink beat.
A direct mail piece celebrating GLAMGLOW's biggest fans on social media.
A direct mail piece showing customers how GLAMGLOW can help them prep for prom.
In revamping their website, Pressed Juicery wanted to update the information supporting customers who were on a cleanse. This section discussed how cleanses worked.
In revamping their website, Pressed Juicery wanted to update the information supporting customers who were on a cleanse. This section discussed the benefits of doing a juice cleanse.
In revamping their website, Pressed Juicery wanted to update the information supporting customers who were on a cleanse. This section discussed how cleansers could get the most out of their cleansing experience.
In revamping their website, Pressed Juicery wanted to update the information supporting customers who were on a cleanse. This section discussed what cleansers could expect to experience during their cleanse.
In revamping their website, Pressed Juicery wanted to update the information supporting customers who were on a cleanse. This section discussed what cleansers could expect when their cleanse was finished.
In revamping their website, Pressed Juicery wanted to update the information supporting customers who were on a cleanse. This section addressed FAQs surrounding juice cleansing.
Cabeau was updating their catalog to refresh descriptions on their existing line, and create new copy surrounding recent additions. I wrote the catalog copy for the '16/'17 catalog.