Apryl Lundsten

Los Angeles, CA USA
Website: http://www.lapodsquad.com

Professional Experience

I've written everything from how-to tech pieces and business features to personal commentaries, teen tell-alls and celebrity interviews. My latest work includes a piece for the public radio show 'Marketplace' about a mine strike in Boron, Ca and a book for American Girl about volunteering. Other current pieces include a podcast about family stories called "The Family Jewels," a documentary on Japanese woodblock artist Hiroshige, as well as features on cyber-bullying and the economy's effect on homelessness. I also produce podcasts and audio/video pieces for Travelocity, Bon Appetit Magazine, and Norton Simon Museum, among others. Most current work is toward the bottom, so please scroll down.


Book Author
12 Years
10 Years
12 Years


Business (general)
8 Years
Family, Children & Teenagers
12 Years
12 Years


Broadcasting - Ent - Radio (National)
9 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
12 Years
Online/new media
12 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

10 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

All Things Considered, National Public Radio (1-2), First for Women Magazin, Heinrich Bauer Publishing (3-5), American Girl/Mattel (Books) (3-5), Builder.com, CNET (3-5), ElleGirl (1-2), Atomic Ranch Magazine, Jim Brown Publisher (1-2), Los Angeles Alternative Press (1-2), Penguin Publishing (1-2), Valley Life Magazine (1-2), Podcast -- thefamilyjewelspodcast.com (1-2), Scholastic, Inc. (Books) (1-2), Suck.com, Lycos/Wired (1-2), The Simon.com (1-2), TV Guide: Inside TV (1-2), Blog -- www.inthefringes.com (10+), All About You Magazine, Petersen Publishing (10+), Teen Magazine, Petersen Publishing (10+), Podcast -- eaglerocktalk.com (10+), Twist Magazine, Heinrich Bauer Publishing (10+), Tana's Habitat, Tana March Publisher (6-10), Marketplace, American Public Media (6-10), City Girl Sacramento, Sheila Verrips Publisher (6-10), Girls' Life, Karen Bokram Publisher (6-10)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Conde-Nast, Bon Appetit Magazine (3-5), Travelocity Window Seat Podcast (3-5), Loyola Marymount University (1-2), Norton Simon Museum (6-10)

Other Work History

Business Owner, LA Podsquad, December 2005 to December 2009 Associate Producer, Marketplace Money, American Public Media Editor in Chief, The Learning Edge Teaching and Technology Journal, University of Southern California Project Manager and Web Developer, University of Southern California Associate Editor, Sacramento This Week

Technical Skills

Audio editing, photo editing, graphic and web design

Computer Skills

Programs/Applications -- Word, Photoshop, ProTools, DAVID, PeakDV, Quark, WordPress, Movable Type, Dreamweaver, GoLive, iTunes, Final Cut, Flash, HTML Operating Systems -- Mac and Windows


MacBook Pro Sony MZ-B100 Mini-disc recorer Shure Beta 58A Vocal Microphone Canon PowerShot A60 Digital Camera Final Cut ProTools iMovie Peak DV PhotoShop Illustrator iTunes iPhoto


Rico Gagliano, Dinner Party Download, Host/Creator Heather Havrilesky, Salon Columnist; Suck.com, Editor Nate Dimeo, Marketplace, Editor


2009 Children's Choices Top 100 Books Award, 5-6 Grade Platinum Winner, MarCom Marketing and Communication Awards 2007 for Travelocity's "The Window Seat" Podcast NaNoWriMo Winner -- that counts, doesn't it? I got a certificate.


Ernest Hemingway Writing Awards for High School Journalists, Judge 2002



Weekly podcast about California's state parks.
It's My Life is part of the PBS Kids web network. This segment features an interview with American Idol Taylor Hicks.
Monthly podcast about news, businesses, and the people of the Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Eagle Rock.
Podcast focusing on family stories. The gems, secrets, lies, myths, and tales that bind us together.
In this episode you'll hear about the Sin City's best views for inspiring romance, find out where a Showgirl goes to unwind, experience some extreme sports, and learn what's left of Vegas' glamorous days.
Travelocity's Travel for Good Series explores the trend of volunteer vacations.
Do-it-herselfer Tana March of tanashabitat.com tells her design philosophy.
Everything you ever wanted to know about getting away with the girls in Palm Springs -- from where to stay and what to do to eating, drinking and relaxing.


Ghostwriter for this memoir/confidence-building guidebook for teens.
"The Girls' Life Guide to Being a Style Superstar" is the ultimate fashion action plan for girls aged 8 to 12. The book offers tips on how to find the right size, knowing which outfits are better for school (and which should be saved for after) and ideas for vintage vogue and do-it-yourself style.
Book about dance for American Girl's non-fiction series.
From Amazon: Life's trials and tribulations can be so mortifying (and funny)! You'll love to laugh at this outrageous collection of embarrassing stories, complete with sidebars, cool art, and the hilarious "mort-o-meter" that rates each tale of terror.


Family...Politics...A Pitcher of Margaritas


The Peg Leg Liar's Contest began over 50 years ago by a Hollywood set designer in the Anza Borrego desert. People come from all over to spin yarns about Peg Leg Smith, a wooden-legged miner who led many gold-diggers on wild goose chases. The piece is on page 24.
Everything in Palm Springs goes better with a cocktail. The Parker Hotel's concoctions are so good, rumor has it the bartender copyrights his drinks. But these bevs will cost you.
After a weekend of throwing back margaritas at La Fonda, there's a spot in Tecate worth stopping for a final time-out, Restaurante Asao.
Scientists believe the way to the heart is through the nose. If that's true, the Spice Station is the perfect aphrodisiac.
Every Saturday, hundreds of painters, photographers, sculptors, jewelers, and indigenous craftsmen gather in Plaza de San Jacinto in the San Angel borough of Mexico City for Bazar del Sábado.
Sure, San Diego is known for great beaches, amazing sunsets, and perfect weather. But this laid-back beach town (with nearly a hundred quirky neighborhoods to explore) offers plenty more than pretty views for getting starry-eyed with your sweetie.
Tucked in a strip mall in San Gabriel, a.k.a. New Chinatown just east of downtown Los Angeles, is Luscious Dumplings. Open for lunch and dinner, this place offers several kinds of Chinese dumplings, but the real treat is their Shanghai-style soup dumpling.
With picturesque views of the Pacific, 70 miles of coastline, and over 260 days of annual sunshine, it's no wonder San Diego is a favorite for Travelocity customers looking for a romantic getaway. Reporter Apryl Lundsten met up with one couple to find out their favorite spots to get starry-eyed.
List of cozy LA-area wine shops with tasting rooms.
Some of the oldest wineries in North America still operate in the rolling hills of Baja Norte's Guadalupe Valley, between Ensenada and Tecate along Highway 3. In the last decade, the area has begun to receive glowing praise.
Check out my Trazzler trips -- from Mexico City art festivals to Baja eateries and favorite spots in LA. I even won one of their contests and was an editor's choice runner-up.

Pop Culture

Interview with Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe -- the computer wiz on Fox's '24.'
It's likely a symptom of our national Oedipus complex that this year's "Don't Talk to Your Mother Like That!" Day was celebrated by a copycat computer virus and the politica-studded Million Moms anti-gun rally. But lately it seems like every day is Daddy's Day.
With all the hype given to the Gamma girl, and the bad-ass grrrl movement of the '90s firmly permeated into mainstream pop culture, you'd think today's teen girls might care about more than makeup, hair, weight, and boys. Unfortunately, you'd be dead wrong. And there are pictures to prove it.
Interview with Kevin Weisman, who plays Marshall Finkman -- the gadget genius on 'Alias.'


Winning the lottery is an American dream. Paying taxes on your winnings . . . that's a nightmare. And the IRS doesn't just take its cut from the big wins.
Job stress costs employers $300 billion a year, but how do you keep workers from hitting the burnout point? This story looks at how emergency call centers help their operators cope.
Millions of baby-boomers have become part of the "sandwich generation" -- taking care of both their kids and their elderly parents.
Domestic violence isn't just a problem at home. It also costs billions of dollars in the workplace. Some companies are responding.
Identity theft is the fraud de jour, but old-fashioned con artists are still alive and well. A new study looks at who's most susceptible...and it's not always who you might think.
Baby Boomers started turning 60 this year. Millions will face expensive retirement and healthcare issues, but many are already making major sacrifices to care for their elderly parents.
In 2005, the median cost of a single-family home in the U.S. will be $182,000. And the average cost of a Manhattan apartment? $1.02 million. With prices like that, homebuyers need alternatives. Reporter Apryl Lundsten discovered one option that's going through an extreme makeover.
You probably know at least one Disney princess -- there's Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Belle, Ariel and Mulan. In 2000, Disney Consumer Products introduced the Disney Princess brand, bundling the royal girls under one magical, hugely successful umbrella.
Ever wanted to have your living room revamped on a home makeover show? Before you sign up, listen to this cautionary tale. Reporter Apryl Lundsten learned that TV home makeover shows can make your pad look great on screen -- but in real life, they create a pricey mess.
A rash of TV shows make Do-It-Yourself home improvement seem simple and cost effective. But is that realistic? Reporter Apryl Lundsten found out the hard way -- by doing it herself.
Writing "real life" stories for teen magazines aren't always about real life.
You've probably seen the new Heineken ad featuring Brad Pitt being chased by a mob of paparazzi as he tries to buy a six-pack. Pitt's not the only A-list celebrity endorsing products these days.
Experts say this summer's vacation season will be the busiest in years. We're expected to globe trot, road trip, and maybe bridge the generation gap. Travelers are planning family trips that include three or more generations.
Thanks to targeted liquor industry marketing, urban 20 and 30-somethings are ordering up high-end spirits.
There's no place like home, especially at the holidays. And for many young adults there's no place like home for months before and after the holidays. A new study from the Pew Research Center says nearly one in seven parents with grown children had a "boomerang" kid move back home this past year.
In the town of Boron, Calif., the mineral borax is a way of life. But a labor standoff between a powerful mining company and unionized workers has left more than a quarter of the town's residents without work.
Interview with Maestro Daniel Hege about the Academy of the West's Concerto Night concert at the Granada Theater in Santa Barbara.


Fun how-to guide on taking care of pets for kids.
Money basics for 8 to 14-year-olds, including worksheets and exercises.
Hitting the road with the fam this summer? First, read our well laid-out plan for keeping your cool--even if you're stuck in a sticky back seat with your brother's stinky feet.
A brand-new school in a brand-new city has Margot feeling like a social outcast. Will she ever fit in again?
Nearly half of all U.S. teens have been the target for cyberbullying, but some girls are fighting back. Check out their stories and what you need to know to protect yourself.


Anti-war activists couldn't have scripted it any better. Iraq's weapons of mass destruction are still on the lamb and the Bush administration is clambering for excuses.
Whoa. What happened? One minute we were on the lookout for the yet-to-be discovered WMDs and before we could find a stockpile of uranium the Terminator tries to take over California. How did it come to this?
This past summer an extremist environmental group calling themselves the Earth Liberation Front torched a building development in San Diego, a car lot in a suburb of Los Angeles, and, most recently, another housing development in San Diego.


Did you know your tootsies hold the key to well-balanced physical and mental health? Turns out, there's a lot of healing power in those little piggies of ours. Reflexology is a lot more than a little foot massage and includes a whole lot more than just feet.
Asking for a loan is about as icky as rolling around in a patch of poison ivy. Except instead of enduring just a few days of the swollen itchies, a bad borrower can mess up a good relationship for life. Pointers on how to be a better borrower.

Online Video

Documentary about the process of restoring Spanish artist Francisco de Zurburan's masterpiece.
Curator Christine Knoke provides a brief overview of the life and career of Japanese artist Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858), whose woodblock prints are featured in the exhibition Hiroshige: Visions of Japan, on view at the Norton Simon Museum from June 4, 2010 through January 17, 2011. I produced this piece, including editing the video.
This short video provides a brief background on California artist Sam Francis (1923-1994) and his monumental triptych, the Basel Murals, painted in Paris in the late 1950s. His Basel Mural I was donated to the Museum in 1967, and Fragments 1 and 2 of Basel Mural III, which was partially destroyed in the mid-1960s, were donated to the Museum in 2009 by the Sam Francis Foundation. Features Debra Burchett-Lere, Director of the Sam Francis Foundation, and Leah Lehmbeck, Assistant Curator of the Norton Simon Museum.