Barbara Alexander Shopiro

Westfield, NJ USA

Professional Experience

Designing to inform is my passion...listening to my clients is my method...clarity, strength, and beauty is my style. I've got the design skills in print and web with the experience in editorial, writing, and marketing to create a great result for you. Visit me at


Art Director
10 Years
Graphic Designer
20 Years
Web Designer
5 Years


Business (general)
20 Years
10 Years
Other, Specify
20 Years


Professional Journal
10 Years
Marketing (in-house) - Small to mid-sized corp. cl
2 Years
20 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

20 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

US Medicine/Marathon Medical Communications (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Frank Smith Law (6-10), Plainfield YMCA (1-2), Harmonium Choral Society (10+), Warren Oral Surgery (10+), Oratorio Singers of Westfield (10+), Paramount Oral Surgery (10+), Plainfield Symphony (3-5)

Other Work History

Art Director at Anderson Publishing, Applied Radiology Journal, 10+ years

Technical Skills

Print layout from tiny to trade show graphics, websites, email design, web banner ads

Computer Skills

Adobe Creative Suite, HTML/CSS coding


complete design studio with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office



Designed for a large convention of radiologists, this booth always gets lots of attention! See more at