Casey Quinlan

Richmond, VA USA

Professional Experience

Former network news/sports field producer, now communication and media consultant. My practice includes health care, health care IT, education, and entrepreneurship. Currently producing/hosting Healthcare Is HILARIOUS! podcast. Powerful prose informed by humor is a specialty. I'm also great at helping companies discover their voice, and at ghost-writing content on behalf of C-level execs. Strong experience in social media for messaging and branding, as well as message advocacy. Author of "Cancer for Christmas: Making the Most of a Daunting Gift" about how an empowered patient can be his/her own patient advocate while managing medical care. My broadcast TV experience was mostly prior to the rise of YouTube. Will happily share full credits if asked - here's a sampling: - live remote field producer NBC/ESPN/CBS/ABC/CNBC - segment ENG NBC/CBS/ABC/BBC - satellite coord NBC/ABC/BBC


10 Years
Producer (television)
20 Years
Social Media
10 Years


5 Years
7 Years
8 Years


Broadcasting - News - TV (National)
15 Years
Professional Journal
8 Years
PR (firm) - Small to mid-sized corp. clients
8 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

25 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

NBC (10+), ESPN (3-5), (1-2), CBS (1-2), CNBC (1-2), Wiley (10+)

Technical Skills

Audio editing (Sound Forge & Audacity), video editing (Final Cut)

Computer Skills

Wordpress, MS Office, HTML, CSS


MacBook, full audio podcasting setup (mobile)

Work Permits & Visas

US citizen


on request


Writing samples: PR

Press release announcing address by Rick Mears, O&M CIO, at RichTech event in Richmond VA
Press release announcing the RichTech's Future of Work technology summit in Richmond, VA
Press release for Richmond Tech Council event featuring CEO of, the internet-based load board matching long-haul truckers with freight shippers.
Media advisory for Venture Forum event featuring a panel discussion on alliance between Virginia Biotech Research Park and Israeli Bioscience Incubator.
Media advisory announcing new financial consulting and staffing firm in central Virginia.

Writing samples

Op-ed on the possibilities for healthcare reform, starting with individual action.
Opinion piece on the brand impact of the Komen/Planned Parenthood controversy in February 2012.
I'm a contributor to the Disruptive Women in Health Care blog - the mission is to spark disruptive innovation in the healthcare system in the US and globally.
My company's business storytelling blog, focusing on business storytelling topics with a concentration on healthcare and public policy, with a side dish of humor.
Blog on my book's website: topics are patient advocacy, health activism, e-patients, health care social media.
Social media tip sheet for regional women's service magazine, including business applications for social networking apps.
Assigned piece summing up a 2010 performance study of the Big 4 accounting firms: Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Profile of serial entrepreneur for venture capital business association.
Profile of Tabitha Geary and her start-up digital memories company for a venture capital business association.
White paper for a healthcare communications consulting firm on the intersection of healthcare and Web 2.0, with specific suggestions for how healthcare practices can take advantage of social media without winding up in HIPAA jail.
Ongoing series focused on health/science literacy for cancer patient support NGO
Ongoing weekly blog project Sept. 2011-Oct. 2012 Topics: -staffing -finding a job -creative/tech training -technology & web solutions for small business
Article co-written with Jeanne Pinder, CEO of (former NY Times editor) on how consumers can learn what their healthcare treatments might cost, insured or not.

Audio samples

Self-produced (written, voiced, recorded, edited by me) CD used as product/bonus at speaking events and signings related to my book "Cancer for Christmas: Making the Most of a Daunting Gift"
Podcast highlights reel and feature content produced monthly for The Hospitalist magazine, published by J Wiley & Sons for the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM). Features are produced by me, working with the magazine's Editor in Chief on ed-cal development.

Writing samples: ghost-writing

Op-Ed on's Debate Room - I ghosted the Paul Kitchen section.
Ghost-written op-ed for online regional business media outlet on consumer-driven health insurance

Writing samples: long form

Proof of 2nd ed. of my book "Cancer for Christmas: Making the Most of a Daunting Gift" - how to manage medical care wrapped around my experience with breast cancer, and a call to action for medical care customers (commonly called "patients") to take charge of their health, and their care.

Video samples

RichTech Awards Gala 2011 show opener
short salute video I wrote & produced to honor the outgoing Exec Dir of a major tech sector business group in Virginia.
Webinar prepared and presented with Jeanne Pinder, CEO of (former NY Times editor) for, a prescription-assistance and education company that helps patients access medications at affordable cost.
Animated PSA for promotion campaign for in the state of Virginia. I wrote, produced, and voiced.
Short feature on session at HM13, SHM's annual meeting. I wrote and produced.