Catherine Jhee

New York, USA

Professional Experience

I've worked in digital media since 1999 and I'm firmly committed to the art of storytelling across all media, whether print or video. I've reported and written stories that have been published in newspapers nationally on topics ranging from churches that meet in dive bars in Brooklyn to more general interest health and science articles. I have guided the launch of several websites from concept to completion. I also co-edited a literary anthology published in 1997 called "Here Lies My Heart: Essays on Why We Marry, Why We Don't, and What We Find There."


Content Editor (online)
10 Years
Producer (new media)
10 Years
4 Years


Arts & Humanities
10 Years
2 Years
3 Years


Academia Other
5 Years
Broadcasting - Ent - TV (National)
2 Years
Online/new media
8 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

10 Years

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Management Leaders for Tomorrow (6-10)

Other Work History

I've held staff jobs for the past 10 years; I'm currently a senior interactive producer for a documentary series on PBS; prior to that I was an editorial producer at Columbia University and a news producer at the American Museum of Natural History.

Technical Skills

Photo editing, web design and production, basic video editing, copyediting and proofreading

Foreign Language Skills

Some Korean and some French

Computer Skills

Word, HTML, CSS, Photoshop


Laptop, DSLR, Flip video camera


Asian American Journalists Association



Consumers are increasingly concerned about the ingredients in products they use everyday. This article attempts to look at something deeply ingrained in our daily routines: toothpaste.