Christine Olley

2200 Steele Road 2nd floor Drexel Hill, PA 19026

Professional Experience

A writer with many talents including covering courts and crime, how to's such as buying art, website copywriting, and social media management. A marketing guru with a flair for the creative.


5 Years
4 Years
10 Years


Real Estate
3 Years
5 Years
2 Years


Newspaper - Local/Regional
5 Years
Marketing (in-house) - Fortune 1000 corp. clients
4 Years
Pr/marketing - all
4 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

11 Years

Other Work History

EASTERN TITLE DIVISION MARKETING PROJECT COORDINATOR Old Republic Title Insurance / Wayne, PA / August 2016 – Present - Coordinate marketing campaigns for local and/or regional markets that includes, but is not limited to: Print and electronic marketing collateral; including email marketing focus using Salesforce and Pardot, Social Media posts, promotional items, and internal and external video messages. - Assist in the creation, enhancement and/or modification of sell sheets and other marketing materials as needed. - Enhance existing and developing new print and/or electronic newsletters for local offices to distribute to existing customers and prospects. - Create a catalog of articles available to local and regional offices to utilize when created above references newsletter. - Collect, write, and/or seek out subject matter experts to assist with writing articles for our customers (agents) to utilize in newsletters distributed to their customers and maintain a library of the same. MARKETING PROJECT

Computer Skills

word, outlook, excel, adobe creative suite, html,


deb pfieffer nadia sokolovsky


Keystone Press award winner Honorable Mention 2009 Crime Reporting.



Halloween, like salsa, is an occasion that’s served at various intensities. Some of us may kick back with The Wizard of Oz and then call it a night. Black-and-white if we’re feeling brave (or buzzed), Technicolor if we’re alone and especially paranoid, with all those trick-or-treaters roaming around. Others may opt for a haunted hayride. Just enough of a fright to cause a spike or two of adrenaline, but never too threatening. And then there are those whose every action over the coming weeks suggests that Halloween is, in fact, the dawning of the end of times.
Beginning this weekend, you’re not going to be able to turn around without running into some kind of street fair. Which means more-than-ample opportunity for eating with your hands. But you need to be smart about it. You can only consume so many calories. Allow us to show you the way.
ACCESSORIES You love art, but it never seems to love you back. That’s just pretentious gallery owners talking. We found a more considerate one who’s going to show you how to start that collection you always wanted.
How many Hollywood movies feature the girl that was just dumped crying into a pint of Ben and Jerry's? It might seem like eating for all of the wrong reasons is programmed into your DNA, but experts say that once you ID why you're reaching for that extra serving or unhealthy snack, it's easy to fix. "Overeating is a direct result of our modern lives, for which our ancient bodies are entirely unfit," says The Diabetes Cure author Dr. Alexa Fleckenstein. A food pyramid based on white starches and dairy isn't a good model for health, she adds.
Generally with any species, mothers want to protect their young. So if someone were contributing to your child's facing a greater risk for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, tooth decay, and even accelerated aging, you would want to stop him or her, right? Public-interest groups, including, did just that. The group recently urged Wendy's fast-food chain to remove sugary soda from its kid's meals, and just this week, the fast-food giant finally agreed.