David Barry

45A Street Road
Website: www.davidbarrywriter.com

Professional Experience

I am a reporter who enjoys going off the beaten track and reading evolving events to see a pattern before it becomes recognized as a major social or political change. I relish the chance to explore new territory, and new to find new material in territory that is already under the public eye. I like to travel into areas that do not welcome outsiders and find people to talk to. I am meticulous in my language and accurately reporting dialogue from my interviews. I enjoy the challenge of working through official explanations of situations where social or legal wrongs are endemic, and exposing cover-ups that will stand up in court. I care greatly about using language that is vivid, accurate and original. I believe that I am quick at reading the elements in a turbulent situation and I am not inclined to follow the accepted view. While I can wok fast, I never sacrifice accuracy for speed. I believe I can blend into a new situation and gain confidence of people in an a conflict area. I have enjoyed establish


Book Author
6 Years
5 Years
3 Years


Books & Literature
6 Years
3 Years
War & Conflicts
1 Year


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
6 Years
Newspaper - Local/Regional
Wire Service
3 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

14 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Bucks County Herald, theCrimereport.org, ICON magazine, Associat (10+)

Other Work History

I covered the 2016 Presidential campaign, attending events featuring both Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates in Pennsylvania, New York and Florida. This year my past reporting has drawn attention in articles in The Daily Beast and led to an interview on the Todd Marshall Show for TPM. That reporting involves a book I wrote that focuses on the convicted felon/financier who has held a long-timer relationship with Donald Trump as well as close association with elements of organized Russian crime. I have I have worked extensively with undercover state and federal drug interdiction agencies. I have been a road test driver for high-performance automobiles for auto magazines.

Foreign Language Skills

moderate conversational ability in Spanish and French


WGA, West

Computer Skills

competence with Microsoft 10


Kaiseer Media Fellowship 2001 Keystone Press Award 2007 (First prize in investigative reporting)


Investigative Reporters and Editors Assocation The Authors Guild Society of Criminal Justice Journalists



Write-up and analysis of the 2016 Presidential Campaign