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Website: http://www.dianefaulkner.com

Professional Experience

An award-winning writer and editor, I have more than twenty years' experience writing on topics from business, HR, employment law, finance, education, and health, to travel, spirits--ethereal and liquid--coffee, and writing itself. I have written and edited more than a thousand articles for leading trade publications such as CUES' Management Magazine, The Federal Credit Union, The Conference Board Review, The Business Journal, Lodging Magazine, as well as online trades such as CommodityNetwork, CoffeeNetwork, GuideWell Health, Consumer Health Digest, and many others. I contribute to LegalZoom, Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, and am a content provider for ADP (HR & payroll giant). An experienced developmental editor (e.g., Wiley/LearningMate, Jones & Bartlett) and proofreader (e.g., Lodging Magazine, ASJA The Monthly Magazine), I have more than 20 years of experience whipping words into polished prose for news outlets, custom publishers, websites, and top magazines.


Content Editor (online)
8 Years
25 Years
25 Years


Business (general)
31 Years
31 Years
Other, Specify
24 Years


Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
25 Years
Professional Journal
25 Years
Online/new media
20 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

25 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Wiley Publications/LearningMate (1-2), St. Augustine Catholic Magazine (1-2), Forbes (1-2), People\'s Publishing Group (1-2), Stone Magazine (1-2), Credit Union Management Magazine (10+), WJCT (10+), WJCT FM - (writing commercials) (10+), WJCT FM - Radio Reading Service (10+), The Federal Credit Union Magazine (10+), WGWY AM (10+), CoffeeNetwork (10+), Jones & Bartlett Publishing (3-5), Lake City Family Magazine (1-2), Lodging Magazine (MacNeill Media Group) (1-2), CommodityNetwork (10+), WCER FM (10+), The Business Journal of NE FL & Grtr JAX (6-10), Charleston Regional Business Journal (6-10), Fix Publishing (3-5), Human Resource Magazine (1-2), Across the Board - The Conference Board Magzine (1-2), Consumer Health Digest (1-2), HR Professionals Magazine (1-2), Skyword (10+), ADP Spark (10+), CommodityNetwork (10+), Forbes (1-2), LegalZoom (10+), Fordham University (10+), TLNT (1-2), ERE Media, Inc. (1-2), ADP Thrive (10+), TopTal (10+), LifePlan (LegalZoom) (10+), LegalZoom (10+), ADP (10+), American Express (1-2), Delta Dental (3-5)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Coastline Federal Credit Union (10+), BlueCross and BlueShield of Florida (10+), GuideWell, Inc. (10+), INTL FCStone, Inc. (10+), Perspective Photografie, LLC (10+), Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc. (10+), Skil Corporation (now, Bosch Electric) (10+), State of Florida, Department of Labor (10+), Bulls-eye Financial, Inc. (1-2), Stop at Nothing, Inc. (3-5), Coastline Federal Credit Union (3-5), Magdalein & Stratton, Inc. (now, Stratton) (1-2), Hencorp, LLC (10+), UniFi (formerly, Ervin Leasing) (1-2), ADP (10+), Waters Kraus and Paul (10+), Galiher DeRobertis & Wayman (10+), Modern Treasury (3-5), Fiance of America (10+)

Other Work History

RADIO: WGWY-Charlotte, MI Music/News/Prod WJCT (NPR)-Jacksonville, FL News/Host FACT CKING: non-fiction, Jones & Bartlett (Mildred Kaufman) EDITING: Walking w/Gregory (Mick Avery, new age/metaphys) Informed Consent (Rene Fix, mystery/suspns)...copy/content edit & fact-chk Kaufman/J&B Oak Knoll Inn, Truchard Vineyards (Anne Goldbauer) Forest Bathing With Your Dog (Nadine Mazzola) COVER DESIGN: Kaufman/J&B CORPORATE: Lead Internet Content Production & Copyright Editor: Guidewell, LLC, venture of BlueCross and BlueShield of Florida VP-HR: Coastline Fed CU Dir-HR: RS&H (arch/eng/des/const/aeronaut) Project Mgr: CDI Pwr Sys. Grp, Inc. (elec/nu/chem/petrochem, design/bld/const) State of FL-Dpt of Labor Dir-Exec Group, Inc (outplcmt counsel) Skil Power Tools STATE OF MI & FL: Telecomm Acctg Finance-MI Muni Bond Auth Research Psy-MSU/Nippondenso-Japan Labor & Unemployment Lansing Psy'l Assoc-Front office/Psy'l Test'g/counseling

Technical Skills

Video/Photo/Audio Editing Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign/Photoshop, etc.) CS2/CS3, Nero 7 & 8 Ultra, PC Friendly DVD, DVD XCopy Platinum/321 Studios, Mac Aperture, Logic Studio/Express, Shake, Final Cut Studio/Express, iWork/Life, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge Audacity Audio Editing


Freelancers' Union National Writers Union

Computer Skills

Operating System: Windows XP Office Pro, Mac OS X 10.13.6, SharePoint HTML/XHTML, Flash, Java Access, Excel, FrontPage, InfoPath, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, Word Adobe Acrobat Professional, InDesign CS2 Business Plan Writer Deluxe Dramatica Pro iMac Audacity


Editing programs: Audacity Digital recorders: Olympus & Sony Tape recorder: Sony, ARCHOS Key Video Recorder: Sony Transcriber: Panasonic Scanner/Printers: HP, Canon Computers: PC & Laptop (includes audio recording), MacBook Pro Auto: Saturn SL2 Fax: Web & land faxes Digital Camera: Canon Audio: Audacity


An Goldbauer, WJCT Board Member Kelly Love-Johnson, Ed, Charleston Regional Business Journal Boaz Dvir, EiC, The Business Journal Vadim Liberman, Ed., Across the Board Theresa Sweeney, Ed., Credit Union Management Magazine Pervalia Gaines, RRS Director, WJCT 89.9 FM (NPR Affiliate) Cynthia Persico, Prez, Corporate Care Works Paul Numbers, Prez/CEO State Employees Credit Union-FL Jennifer Nelson, Freelance Journalist/Editor Eileen Schaps-Stein, Editor-in-Chief, Vice President, CoffeeNetwork/CommodityNetwork Anissa Nierenberger, Author "Drug List" series, Founder/President Dictionary Jumpstart Donna Johnson, CEO/President, Coastline Federal Credit Union


2015 Jacksonville Awards Program, Best in Jacksonville--Proofreading 2014 Jacksonville Awards Program, Best in Jacksonville--Proofreading 2013 Honorable Mention, American Writers Review, Poetry, "Bleeding Heart" 1999 Favorite Speaker, University of Florida, College of Engineering (Master level graduates)


American Copy Editors' Society American Society of Journalists and Authors Editorial Freelancers' Association Mystery Writers of America Society for Technical Communication American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress International Critical Incident Stress Foundation Society of Human Resource Management



This piece explores a study on who is responsible for insurance claim payments' timeliness. Doctors? Insurance companies?
This piece explains how the Mental Health Parity Act affects insurance costs.
This piece explores how the HMO experiment has failed to decrease overall health insurance costs.

Business - HR

Interview with Melanie Wiegert about recruiting for a multi-location company.
Interview with Melanie Wiegert about recruiting in a multi-location workplace.
Interview with Melanie Wiegert about company trends in benchmarking and analytics
Items to consider before rehiring someone.
Discusses a new way to recruit workers that brings in a mix of ages with a focus on adaptability in the workplace.
US rules for accounting vacation/PTO pay by state.
This piece describes the unemployment compensation process and also gives a bit of history on unemployment insurance.
Defines upskilling in comparison to re-skilling. Details why it is beneficial for employers to upskill their workforces.
Article details tips for hiring remote workers.
Describes who passive job seekers are, what passive job seeking is, and what employers can do to keep employees from not jumping ship.
This piece describes the dynamics of change in an organization, what to look for, how to handle the various groups and their responses to change.
The editors of CU Management requested I write a history of the practice of human resources for their 25th anniversary edition that includes the present state of HR and also my take on where human resources will be in the future.
This piece describes the efficacy of outlandish employee bonding programs, their worth and cost-effectiveness.
Describes what small businesses should do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19.
This piece explains what small businesses can do to build resiliency for the future based on lessons learned dealing with the coronavirus.
Explanation of Gen Z, who they are, how to lead, how to prepare to receive them in the workplace. (Interview with Alexandra Levit).
Four business owners who started their businesses in the midst of the pandemic reflect on how COVID actually helped them grow.
This piece talks about the hows and whys and to-dos of onboarding to generate greater new hire engagement.
Maintaining work-life balance while working from home during coronavirus.
Guidelines for small business owners on how to offer a Summer Fridays benefit and make it work.
Trending perks and traditional perks that work together to boost engagement.
What small businesses should know about hiring their first employees.
Details what small businesses need to do to protect intellectual property.
Details how to protect the intellectual property of a dance by copyright. Protection for individuals and small businesses.
This piece explains when and how a human resource department should come into being and then when it is best to grow or shrink the department.
This piece explores the most efficacious use of temporary workers' talents, how to quickly orient temporary staff, and how to support them during their tenure.
This piece explores and explains the process of change in an organization as well as the most efficacious methods to deal with different groups' reaction to change.
Details the advantages women have available to them as entrepreneurs.
Details why it is best to form an LLC before starting a movie.
This piece describes the Title VII (discrimination) ramifications for using regional speech accents as a basis for hiring.
This piece describes the most effective process to create a CFO-friendly budget.
Challenges of managing a remote workforce. HR concerns.
This piece takes the reader through the steps nece3ssary to legally support a termination.
Pros and cons of outsourcing HR in a small business
This piece addresses corporate culture change, what a company should know, look for, and how to act through the process.
This piece covers how to handle major attitude problems in the workplace.
What startups need to know before they begin the search for their first employees, i.e. hidden costs, labor laws, etc.
Tells how to deal with seasonal workers when it's time to let them go.
This piece describes the steps I took as vice-president of human resources to change the culture in my credit union. Timeline, what-to-do-when, statistics, results.
Describes what organizational culture is and why it is important.
This piece is about using talent analytics (big data) to recruit and retain top talent.
Describes who can apply for and how to get business grants in US and Canada.
This piece talks about when businesses, especially small businesses, should contact an employment attorney.
Describes how to start a writing business from scratch.
Details how variations in health care pricing affects employer health plan costs.
Details less productive small businesses, mixed results businesses, and tips from more productive small businesses.
Always look for people who have read your entire website and have a genuine interest in your industry and company.
Includes interview with anthropologist Martha Bird from ADP Innovation Labs. Explains what burnout is, why/how it's caused, and what HR can do to help prevent burnout in the organization.
Three companies share what they do to incentivize and motivate their star employees
Tips on instituting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the hiring process.
Piece explores various sites that are either free or low-cost that can be used in employee and management development.
Piece shows when an employer can and cannot terminate someone for off-duty misconduct. Describes actions that qualify and don't qualify.
Describe how to handle sexual harassment complaints.
This piece takes the reader through the most efficacious way to build staff records to support any action, especially termination.
This piece gives a brief history of the Fair Labor Standards Act and explains how the upcoming revision of the law will affect business' bottom line and staff pay.
This piece explains how to comply with the Drug-free Workplace Act in the recruitment process.
This piece describes what constitutes an independent contractor, how employers accidentally misuse the status, and the consequences of misuse.
This piece describes in detail the difference between an independent contractor and a contract employee.

Business - IT & Technical

What small businesses should know about logos.
This piece is about how to use big data to recruit and retain top talent.
This piece delves into different technical solutions to providing service and what these mean to the future of human resources.
This piece shows how technology positively affects after-hours service in a small organization.

Business - Labor Law

Details what people can do to start a business while on unemployment.
Details the legal implications for hiring remote workers in the US.
This piece not only explains compensatory time, it also details who is entitled to use it and the consequences of using it wrongfully.
What small businesses need to know about at-will employment versus for-cause employment.
What small businesses should know and look for in work-for-hire agreements.
What small businesses should know about forcing employees back to work during a crisis or COVID-19.
This piece explores the historical value of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, the value of the 1973 updates, and the ramifications of the upcoming revision of the entire Act.
This piece explains the table (shown) of Federal tests that are supposed to be used to determine how job positions are classified - exempt, non-exempt. The table shown shows both current tests and the potential tests after proposed changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act are enacted.
This piece explains the H1-B Visa, its use in employment, and the current trend shown in Northeast Florida.
This piece explains the effect the Mental Health Parity Act has on American business.
This piece explains how to put the Drug-free Workplace Act into action during the hiring process.
Details the differences between independent contractors and employees.
This piece explains the Fair Labor Standards Act and details how the upcoming revision of the law will affect business' bottom line and staff pay.

Health & Medical

This piece reveals the financial impact of the Mental Health Parity Act on American business.
This piece explores a Medical Group Management Association study on the timeliness of claim payments. Who is to blame for the time it takes a claim to be paid? Insurers or doctors' offices?
Detailed description of how people become eligible for leave.
This piece is about painful sex in menopause. (Editor chose the title...).
This piece reveals how the HMO experiment failed to control cost of medical care.

Art - Book Cover Design

Contracted to design cover art for public health book. Also contracted to copyedit manuscript, permissions edit, and liais with author.

Finance - Coffee/Commodity Network

Proprietary online trade journal: Report on Cosi, Inc.'s 2011 fourth-quarter and full-year fiscal earnings.
Describes various alternative funding sources for small businesses.
Details how small businesses learn from their competitors
Proprietary online trade journal: Coverage of Central Kenya coffee farmers' progress in stopping government sanctioned small-holder coffee farm, coffee plantation and estate land confiscation by developers.
Proprietary online trade journal: Feature about unique coffee-making technique created by Nespresso (Nestle) and National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers/Fedecafe. Coverage on new Nespresso limited edition coffee.
Proprietary online trade journal: Coverage of Strauss Coffee's 2011 earnings results.


Bonita Sonderby of Visit Denver shares her story about her career in HR.
Bonita Sonderby of Visit Denver shares how she handles multiple position recruiting.
Bonita Sonderby of Visit Denver shares how she handles employee churn.
Interview with HR Director Scott Smith of Charlotte, North Carolina-based Tax Management Associates.
Interview with Tax Management Associates' HR Director Scott Smith on how he went from being an Air Force vet to civilian HR Director.
Interview with Charlotte, North Carolina-based Tax Management Associates' HR Director Scott Smith on the role of customer service in HR.
Profile: Grisell Martinez
Profile: Grisell Martinez
Profile: Grisell Martinez
Profile of Monica Baker of PyraMax Bank
Profile of Monica Baker of PyraMax Bank, Pt. 2
Profile of Monica Baker of PyraMax Bank, Pt. 1
This piece describes how a disaster plan helped Patsy Underwood's small business, Atlantic Laser, rebuild after a fire razed her company's building.
This piece explains how to take a successful business from stasis to new heights of success. Karen Marlowe Green's successful small business, Women's Digest, is spotlighted.
This piece profiles celebrity chef Matthew Medure. The piece gives a brief history and spotlights his restaurant, Medure's, and announces the opening of his new restaurant, Matthew's.


Details the best-of universities for online MBA programs.
This piece uncovers educators' need for development and shows how school systems are, at this time, unable to provide internal and external development opportunities.
This piece uncovers what the education community is doing to revive an honored vocation, recruit outside traditional resources, and shift recruiting methods to raise education quality and provide measurable results to taxpayers.


This piece details how to effectively and painlessly create or change corporate culture.
This piece explains how the Drug-free Workplace Act is used during the recruitment process.
This piece describes a brief history of human resources and explains how a human resource department works in an organization.

Work History

An Excel document that lists select clients, publications, broadcasting, and other work done as a freelancer.


Ad copy samples

I was asked to rewrite 18 ads...the afternoon before they were to air. The ads were for WJCT's Radio Reading Service department, a National Public Radio affiliate.

Travel - Food & Wine, Beer & Spirits

This piece focuses on Matthew Medure, a SE regional celebrity chef, who left The Ritz organization to start up Medure's in the arts district of old Jacksonville, his history in the food business, 'secrets' of his success, and introduce his newest restaurant, Matthew's, in new money area, Ponte Vedra Beach. The piece appeared in the "Strategies" department, which another writer, Laura Link, and I created and edited.

Reprint Contracts

Contract for reprint rights to a piece that first appeared in Across the Board - The Conference Board Magazine.