Dick Pirozzolo

Pirozzolo Company 326 A Street Suite 1B Boston, MA 02210
Website: http://www.pirozzolo.com

Professional Experience

Dick is a widely published writer and marketing communication professional who writes about technology, financial services, financial technology, cybersecurity, international trade, homebuilding, real estate development, and fitness. He has arranged for news and feature article coverage for his clients by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, The Boston Globe, Consumer Digest, GMA, CNBC, and numerous trade and industry media outlets such as e-Forex Magazine, Banking Technology, Vietnam Business Journal, BUILD magazine and other media outlets. His corporate communication experience includes serving public and private corporations such as UBS, Citibank, Stanley Black & Decker, Wright Express, Trayport, llc, Stealthcare Cybersecurity Services, and Mass Mutual. Government clients include Japan, Vietnam and The Atlantic Canada Provinces. Services include feature articles, white papers, social media content, and media relations. He is the auth


20 Years
23 Years
Content Editor (online)
14 Years


16 Years
Business (general)
25 Years
12 Years


PR (firm) - Fortune 1000 corp. clients
20 Years
PR (firm) - Small to mid-sized corp. clients
18 Years
Pr/marketing - all
22 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

28 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

e-Forex Magazine (3-5), PCB 007 (Printed Circuit Board) (3-5), Banking Technology (6-10)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Stealthcare Cybersecurity Services (1-2), FCM360- forex and financial cloud services (10+), Legacy Financial Advisors (10+), Trayport Ltd. (GFIG/NYSE) (10+), J/Brice Design International (10+), Classic Post & Beam (10+), Wright Express (10+), The Government of Vietnam (10+), The Government of Japan, JETRO (3-5), American Polyfilm, Manufacturer of plastic film (3-5), Mass Design - Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing (10+), Billy Sims (1978 Heisman Winner) China Food Group (6-10), UBS (10+), Mass Mutual (10+), WBZ-TV (CBS) (10+), Husin Intelligence Group, Jakarta Indonesia (1-2)

Other Work History

Vice President and Founding Principal, Clarke & Company Public Relations, Pubic Relations Manager, Boston University, Information Officer (Captain) USAF, Newspaper Reporter, Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Public Relations Manager, Boston University

Technical Skills

Copywriting, News Writing, Press Release Writing, Web Development, Content Management, White Papers, Media Placement, Publicity, Public Relations, Ghostwriting.

Computer Skills

OS 10, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPress, Vertical Response, Constant Contact, PhotoShop.


Mac, Nikon Digital SLR


Jubin Pejman, CEO, FCM360, FX infrastructure, Marcel Kay, PR Director Aité, industrial analysts, Jeffrey Ornstein, CEO J/Brice Design International (Hotel Development, Kevin Zhang Director of China Operations, Billy Sims / China Food Group, Paul Mauro, CEO, Legacy Financial Advisors, William Gately, Marketing Manager, Mass Design, Inc. (Printed Circuit Boards), Tuan Nguyen, CEO, Boston Global Forum, conference organizer, Jerry Samide, CEO, Stealthcare, cybersecurity consultants, Ron Silliboy, Marketing Manager, Ward Cedar Log Homes, Dana Delano, Northeastern Log Homes, Ronda Rockett, MD, CrossFit Affiliate owner.


Bellringer Award, Boston Publicity Club Hamden Education Foundation, Lifetime Achievement Award


Public Relations Society of America (Accredited) National Press Club, Washington, DC Society of Professional Journalists Foreign Press Association of New York Boston Global Forum, Think Tank and Conference Organizer, Editorial Board member New England Canada Business Council -- Public Relations Committee


Public Relations, Corporate Communication & Media Placement

Feature article placement in Detroit Business magazine on a startup company founded by Billy Sims, 1978 Heisman Trophy winner and Detroit Lions all-star running back.
Publicity Announcement on Dick Pirozzolo being named to Boston Global Forum's Editorial board. Boston Global forum is a Boston think tank founded by Former Mass. Gov. Michael Dukakis and Vietnam business leader Tuan Nguyen.
News Release on executive named to head European Division of FCM360 appears in the Boston Globe
Wrote and placed brief item in Construction and Maintenance Magazine on advanced diesel engine filters developed by Rypos.
Placed article in the Boston Sunday Globe about international hotel design and develop firm with offices in Boston and Dammam Saudi Arabia.
In addition to designing the Website for Billy Sims China Food Group, we also arranged media placement in several outlets including the Wall Street Journal
Arranged interview for client Boston Global Forum with Public Radio International on advances in cybersecurity. The interview was also broadcast by the BBC and NPPR.
Arranged coverage for Stealthcare and international cybersecurity consulting firm on the computer hack of the GOP convention in Cleveland and how it figured into the bigger picture of election meddling by the Russians
Arranged crisis communication campaign to win permanent residency for a talented employee of this Boston based business that provides hotel design and development services worldwide.
As a public relations professional and author of a historical fiction set during of the last days of the Vietnam War, Dick Pirozzolo has became an advocate for expanding benefits to veterans who have suffered the effects of Agent Orange exposure during their military experience. He is an issues management professional well known for his work on international relations, trade, and measures to improve cybersecurity.
Publicity for client Make48, the new invention competition reality show airing on PBS-TV nationally, underwritten by Stanley Black & Decker. Placements in Huffington Post, White House Chronicle and TV & Entertainment media.

Copywriting Editorial

Interviews and covered symposia on Swiss National Bank deepening the franc from the euro, latest nasdaq developments, FCM360's financial cloud and Bitcoin trends and acceptance.
Coverage of the SWIFT-organized SIBOS Conference in Boston.
"Every time something goes wrong we don't need the scalp of a regulator or the scalp of a banker." That's true theme of this article on how greater cooperation is needed between the Federal Government and Banking Industry.
Covered the opening of Vietnam to US business and tourism over a five year period in words and photos.
A panel of senior bank executives and global economy policymakers discuss the 2008 financial collapse and the recover. The panel called for greater diversity at senior levels of management to improve outcomes.
Article aimed at establishing the founder of a security consulting firm serving the transportation industry as a through leader in the terrorism/security industry.
"As an American living in England, my little bank in Coventry has to report to all of them on my minuscule account." That was the sentiment of at least one banker when it comes to regulation and the spate of regulatory agencies, both in the US and internationally.
Tax incentives and rebates on home energy improvements fully explained.
"Bitcoin may not be interested in government, but government is interested in Bitcoin."
Feature article on the largest property at 49 Black Sand Beach, Hale Maluhla, stretches along the coast, high above Honoka’ope Bay. It may sound like hyperbole, but those who know and love Hawaii will say, quite matter-of-factly, that the Kohala Coast on the west side of The Big Island — no one calls it Hawaii — is “the best place in the world.”Only distant ships and migrating humpback whales interrupt the Pacific vista. Annual average rainfall is less than four inches and pleasant summer weather remains all year for this island that is about the size of Connecticut..
Article on new medical electronics innovation from the perspective OEM printed circuit board manufacturer Mass Desgn.
Article on a recent foreign exchange (forex) conference in New york published by the leading publications in the industry. The article covered the impact of regulation and technology on high-frequency, low-latency trading.
While Bitcoin founders started out as a currency existing apart from banking and government, it is becoming clear that its acceptance is rooted in establishing international banking relationships.
Manufacturers of ceiling fans employ the latest energy-saving technology, giving consumers a stylish way to keep cool without the high cost of air conditioning.
Inspired by architect Philip Johnson, Ebrahim Nana, the designer and owner of Nana Wall Systems, has created a series of gliding panels that can instantly open up a home to nature.
My how things have changed. The once familiar pedicabs are all but gone. Ho Chi Minh City is building a subway to cut congestion. The demure Ao Dai, the traditional Vietnamese outfit is gone-save for front desk clerks and airline greeters. Millennials frequent Dong Khoi Street's trendy boutiques
Article for Boston Global Forum a Harvard affiliated Think Tank based on a seminar organized by The Christian Science Monitor
Profile article on a leading international hotel designer who lives in the Hamptons and New York City

Website Development & Content Management

Develop, design and write all copy for a US-based designer and manufacturer of printed circuit boards for the avionics, medical and defense industrial sectors
Corporate communication and content management to international financial services infrastructure firm specializing in forex trading and cybersecurity
Drafted a series of articles on financial management for high net worth individuals for a special advice section of the Wilmington Trust Website
Website Development - project management and wrote all website copy for Billy Sims / China Food Group, founded by Billy Sims, former star running back for the Detroit Lions and 1978 Heisman Trophy winner. Start up company exports milk powder to China. Website is bilingual.
Write, Edit and Produce. Forex Summit is a monthly newsletter covering trends, insights and latest news in foreign exchange. This issue features my articles titled, "Cyber-War is Here to Stay" and "Choosing a Liquidity Provider."
In depth position paper for client FCM360 on the value of colocated data centers to high-speed, low-latency traders. According to the online article: The ever-growing FX trading venues have located their matching engines in strategic locations that make trading accessible to nearly all market participants – both institutional and retail. This substantially differs from the equities, these are just outside New York City, in New Jersey and another just outside London to provide proximity to the majority of electronics crossing networks (ECNs) and international FX bank liquidity.
Covered symposium and wrote feature article on advances in cybersecurity and Internet efficiency for the Boston Global Forum Website News Section. Keynote speaker Toomas Ilves told delegates: “Estonia’s cybersecurity technology is not advanced, but we are ahead on implementation," adding, “There is a huge difference between what we do and other countries – our focus was not on the gee whiz technology, but on implementation of a system that relies on positive identity, which is the foundation of the country’s cybersecurity program." He added, " Additionally, all bureaucratic dealings are online and, with assured identity, Estonia has eliminated the need to request personal information repeatedly. Once personal information is on file, Estonian law prohibits any agency from requesting that that information ever again. An Estonian can get his or her birth, obtain a driving license, alloy for a building permit and register for school without having to fill out the same information repeatedly."
What corporate communicators can learn for the United Airlines PR nightmare and how planning is key to being prepared for any disaster.
Leading experts on cybersecurity and fake news convened in Cambridge to discuss the threat of computer warfare—more specifically, computer hacking, the intentional spread of “click-bait,” fake news, and the political and personal motives behind them. The symposium was held at Harvard University in connection with the 2017 Boston Global Forum G7 Summit Initiative.

Books, Corporate Bios, & Author Publicity

Review of Dick Pirozzolo's Escape from Saigon by Robert Earl in Consequence—an international literary magazine on the culture of war. Earle praises Escape from Saigon. He writes: "This is a fast moving, day-by-day account told through the perspective of diplomats, journalists, CIA operatives, a bartender, numerous Vietnamese, military officers, and Washington officials, notably Henry Kissinger."
. While timberframe homes naturally evoke a country or traditional feeling, TIMBERFRAME INTERIORS teaches that you need not confine yourself to that decor. Timberframe construction provides a wonderful beginning to create a warm, friendly atmosphere while responding to a unique set of interior designs and challenges.
Timberframe homes--also known as post-and-beam homes--have long set the standard for integrity and elegance, and the authors of The Timberframe Way have built some of the best. Here in one book is a careful study of all the elements that make a timberframe home both a lifestyle and a work of art. Every construction method is covered, from prefabricated, manufactured kits to "one-off" frames hand-hewn by independent craftsmen using traditional methods
Placed feature article on Dick Pirozzolo, managing director of Pirozzolo Company Public Relations in Wellesley Weston Magazine, a lifestyle publication serving upscale communities west of Boston.
This historically accurate chronicle of the final 30 days of the Vietnam War that follows the lives of those swept up in the bungling of their political leaders: NBS-TV's first Vietnamese-American correspondent and the hard-hitting Sam Esposito of The Washington Legend whose news reports infuriated Richard Nixon, an American businessman who risks his life to smuggle out his employees; a soldier searching for his wife's relatives, ordinary Vietnamese seeking any way out, and a French expatriate barkeep hanging on the last vestiges of colonialism, along with US diplomats, including the disillusioned Ambassador Graham Martin, CIA operatives and spies. URL - https://www.escapefromsaigon.com