Helyn Trickey Bradley

San Francisco, CA USA

Professional Experience

Web Content Producer/Writer -- I have more than 10 years' experience writing news and feature articles at the network level. I am also an award-winning project manager specializing in web redesign, interactivity and news specials.

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

CNN.Com (6-10), Orbitz (3-5), Turner Entertainment (3-5), Stanford University (1-2)

Technical Skills

Adobe Photoshop, HTML

Computer Skills

Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Soundedit, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Avstar


laptop, digital camera


Webby Award -- cnn.com - 1999<br>SPJ - region 3 investigative journalism TV indepth reporting -- 1st place 1993; 2nd place 1992




News Writing

Breaking news story filed on 9/11 for cnn.com's education section. This story focused on the children in schools in Manhattan when the terrorist attack happened.
This is a follow-up piece on the aftermath of the terrorist attack in New York and how the city re-directed the school children in Manhattan.

Feature Writing