Jaymi Curley

Atlanta, GA USA

Professional Experience

Professional editor/writer with a dedication to producing quality copy absolutely on deadline. My main work is producing quality B2C marketing materials. I've carved out a freelance niche for myself in the Southeast focusing on food writing, with an emphasis on restaurateur profiles, parenting/education articles, and legal issues for the layperson. I also do bio and publicity kit writing upon request.


Copy Editor
7 Years
5 Years
Production (print)
6 Years


12 Years
8 Years
4 Years


Academia Teaching
12 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
2 Years
Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
3 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

9 Years

Computer Skills

InDesign, Photoshop, Mac, MS Office, Quark Express, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, Adobe Acrobat


Dora Burke, Restaurant Forum, Atlanta, GA Kirsten Palladino Ott, The Sunday Paper, Atlanta, GA, Steve Stevens, Editor, Gainesville, FL Blane Bachelor, Author, San Francisco, CA


Published Articles

Regional men's magazine piece on upscale tailgating with hints and tips.
Every business needs to keep their people connected and communicating. Here is how to select a cell phone plan to meet the needs of your staff while keeping costs low.
Published blog entry for corporate blog - marketing division. Serves as a companion piece to print and web directory.
An investigation of behavior disorders in children and what parents can do when they suspect there may be a problem.
Piece for a trade magazine on ways restaurant owners can prevent identity theft and the consequences of non-compliance with best practices.
Cover story profiling Atlanta restaurateur Jeff Safari, in which he shares his secrets of success: trust, family and hard work.
Advice for homeowners on selecting and maintaining fruit trees on their residential property.
Warm summer months often mean throwing open windows to invite in fresh air, sunshine, and, unfortunately, some decidedly unwelcome insects. These uninvited guests can be extremely difficult to get rid of, so it's important to educate yourself on the most common household insects.
Whatever use you make of your finished basement, one very important piece of the design must not be overlooked: the lighting. If the lighting in the basement is inadequate or ill-suited to its new purpose, the room will never live up to its full potential.
There are over 85 million households in the United States that include cats and/or dogs among their members. That's over 85 million carpets, rugs, and floors with the potential to be ruined with pet urine stains and odors. But with the help of a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company...
Blog article describing the benefits of using professional for winter holiday decoration.
Published blog entry for corporate blog - marketing division. Serves as a companion piece to print and web directory.
Choosing the right glass for your windows can help you make that "hole in the wall" work for you; through the design of and additions to the glass, you can have windows that perform at optimum efficiency throughout the year.
A service piece in a national pub on the importance of teaching good manners to your children.
A day in the work life of a pest control technician is a busy one. [This article was crafted from an interview with Rusty Markland from PestNow.]
Freezing inside your house during the winter is not only bad for your dental work, it's bad for your pocketbook, too. There are many places throughout your home where you could be losing heat. All that warmth leaking outside isn't free, and you'll soon begin to notice its effect on your energy bill.
Part 1 of this blog post discussed one of the most obvious culprits of heat loss: inadequate insulation. But there are plenty of other vulnerabilities in your home's "energy envelope."
Tailgating, once a simple parking-lot party for die-hard football fans, has exploded in recent years to become an all-out social event.
A sidebar with a book review and more resources on the subject of food and beverage pairings.
Discussed in Part 1 of this blog, multi-pane windows have become the standard in the industry due to their insulating power. In addition to having multiple panes, a professional can apply important coatings or treatments to your windows that will affect their energy efficiency.
Clothes may not make the woman, but the right pair of shoes can have a transforming effect. A lighthearted essay on getting a leg up.
Preventive health advice for men of a certain age with a fun, readable angle.
"There are things a man needs to know if he is going to survivie a divorce in Florida." - Service piece with a legal slant for a regional men's magazine.
A day in the work life of a pest control technician is a busy one. Pest management companies service residential customers as well as businesses and corporate clients...
A quick introduction to the newest bake shop in Atlanta.
Researched how-to piece on correctly building fire and taking safety precautions.
Though adding a sunroom isn't as thorny an undertaking as a major addition or renovation, it's still a construction project, and great care must be taken. The planning stage of adding a sunroom is the most critical, and many decisions will determine the final success of your addition.

Additional Writing Samples

A biography for an equine instructor and trainer to be featured on a equine school website. Katie needed a rewrite of her old bio and requested that the new one feature her equine accomplishments and make her sound more polished.
Proposed radio script for Publix (grocery) Essential Meals advertisement.

Design Work


An overview of my professional experience with a list of my primary skills.