Jeff Wilser

So I'm actually nomadic. I sold all my stuff and I'm now traveling the world, hopping from one country to the next, indefinitely. Yet I'm 100% able to collaborate with US-based clients, wherever you are.

Professional Experience

Book author. Freelance writer. Full-time traveler. Jeff Wilser is the author of six books, including one that nabbed an Amazon award for "Best Book of the Month" in both Non-Fiction and Humor. His work has appeared in print or online at New York magazine, TIME, Condé Nast Traveler, GQ, Esquire, Glamour, Cosmo, and Bon Appétit. He is also a “digital nomad”; he sold all his stuff, left New York, and now travels the world, indefinitely, while writing books and knocking out exciting projects like the one you have in mind…


Book Author
3 Years
7 Years
10 Years


Books & Literature
10 Years
7 Years
5 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
10 Years
Book publishing - all
10 Years
Online/new media
10 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

10 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

GQ (10+), MTV (10+), (10+), Chicago Tribune (6-10), VH1 (10+), Miami Herald (6-10), LA Times (6-10), Glamour (3-5), Mental_Floss (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Scholastic Inc. (10+)

Other Work History

Extensive media experience. (Morning shows, radio interviews, TV.)

Technical Skills

Photoshop, basic html, mastery of fantasy football software.



Computer Skills

Joomla, Movable Type, Word, Wordpress, Excel, HTML, Powerpoint, Access, all that kinda stuff.


Photoshop, Sony Alpha 6000 mirrorless camera, laptop, pens, some paper clips.


Amazon "Best Book of the Month" in both Non-Fiction and Humor, for "The Good News About What's Bad for You...and the Bad News About What's Good for You."



Piece that went viral for The Cut. Years later, still in heavy rotation on the site...
A mix of history, humor, and pop culture about America's favorite Founding Father...
A mix of health and humor, it was named by Amazon as a "Best Book of the Month" in both humor and non-fiction.
The aviators. The Obama bromance. The ice cream cones. It's all there: the first pop biography of America's favorite Vice President.
In the name of research, I traveled to the Caribbean to follow in the footsteps of Alexander Hamilton. (A tough gig.)
Clearly the most substantive book published in 2011. A best-seller in Amazon's Interior Design... briefly beating out Martha Stewart, who still hasn't sent me a Christmas card.