Jenna Glatzer

Long Island, NY USA

Professional Experience

I'm a top-ranked author, ghostwriter, and freelance writer. I love what I do and I'm easy to work with. After writing 10 books of my own, I discovered that what I loved best was helping other people tell their stories. Celebrity ghostwriting is my forte, but I enjoy working with interesting people of all sorts. I've written Celine Dion's authorized biography, and a Marilyn Monroe biography authorized by her estate, both of which received fantastic reviews. My latest is My Stolen Son with Susan Markowitz, the true crime story that inspired the movie Alpha Dog. In addition to biographies and memoirs, I've written health, self-help, children's, and how-to books. I'm a contributing editor at Writer's Digest, and I've written hundreds of articles for national consumer and trade magazines. And I'm the mother of the sweetest little girl I've ever met.


Book Author
15 Years
14 Years
16 Years


16 Years
Other, Specify
18 Years
14 Years


Book Publishing Consumer
13 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
16 Years
Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
14 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

18 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Writer's Digest magazine and books (6-10), Hospitality Style and Boutique Design (6-10), becker&mayer! (3-5), Health Communications (3-5), Barnes & Noble/Metro Books (1-2), Penguin Random House (6-10), Tyndale House (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Private clients (10+), M&M Environmental (6-10), Miles of Marketing (3-5)

Other Work History

I've written books for Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House (Avery, Berkley, and Atria imprints), Hachette, Adams Media, Andrews McMeel, Barnes & Noble/Metro Books, McGraw-Hill, Thomas Nelson, Tyndale House, and many others.

Technical Skills

Basic photo editing and web design

Computer Skills

Word, FrontPage, PaintShop Pro


Transcription program, Canon digital camera, audio recorder

Work Permits & Visas

US citizen


References are available on my website at . A sampling: "Since her stellar work on The Marilyn Monroe Treasures, Jenna is the type of writer that I am always trying to find projects for. She is an editor's joy: she consistently produces fresh, clean, and compelling prose, meets every deadline, and pours herself wholeheartedly into the success of the project. I would recommend Jenna instantly to anyone looking for a strong and flexible writer for any subject." --Meghan Cleary, editor, becker&mayer! "Jenna Glatzer is a dream author to work with. She has an innate sense of collaboration in all respects and is eager to please. Her flexibility and passion makes her the perfect choice for high profile projects." --Sharlene Martin, Martin Literary Management


Winner of two national screenwriting competitions


Does the Apostrophe Protection Society count?



From Publisher's Weekly: Starred Review. This poignant memoir tells the painful story of a brutal slaying that captured national attention when it became the basis of the 2007 drama Alpha Dog. In the summer of 2000, Susan Markowitz's 15-year-old son, Nicholas, was kidnapped and murdered by a local drug dealer in revenge for his brother's debts. Nicholas's death, the ensuing trials of his killers, and the international manhunt for a fourth suspect nearly tore his family apart and sent his mother on a decade-long quest for justice and sanity.
With her ineffable combination of girlish innocence, glamorous sex appeal, and palpable presence on the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe bears an unmatched legacy marked by beauty, style, and mystique. The Marilyn Monroe Treasures is both a compelling biographical narrative and a collector's delight.
Celine Dion: For Keeps is a very special collection: a combination of memoir, personal scrapbook, and looking glass into one of the world's most admired lives. Drawing heavily from Celine's personal archives and those of her husband and longtime manager, Rene Angelil, this book focuses on the key elements of her life, including her family, career, inspirations, courtship and marriage to Rene, show business hiatus, son Rene-Charles, and plans for the future-- everything that makes her who she is.
As featured in the New York Times, an expert's proven technique for stamping out bullying. "Bully Coach" Joel Haber, Ph.D., is one of the foremost experts in the prevention of bullying. A pioneer in the field, he has worked with thousands of kids, parents, teachers, counselors, and others to understand the root causes of the bullying dynamic-- from identifying bully types to exposing the reasons why kids become bullies, targets, or bystanders-- and stamp it out once and for all.
After losing both of his legs in a car accident at age 18, Scott Rigsby battled his way back from depression and addiction to achieve the unthinkable-- become the first double-leg amputee ever to cross the finish line in the sporting world's most grueling and prestigious competition, the Ironman Triathlon. Scott has since become an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of physically challenged and able-bodied athletes the world over. Unthinkable documents Scott's remarkable journey.


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