Jennifer L. Holder


Professional Experience

Full Bloom Publications: specializing in business, psychology, and spirituality books. My A-to-Z knowledge of creating a book can take an idea all the way to the printer. Ghostwriting, book doctoring, developmental editing, copyediting, production management, publishing consulting. I'll bring industry-insider experience to your book.


5 Years
16 Years
Production (print)
6 Years


Books & Literature
16 Years
Business (general)
10 Years


Book Publishing Consumer
16 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

20 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Amacom Books (6-10), New Harbinger Publications (10+), Sounds True (10+), Dupree/Miller and Associates (10+), Non-Duality Press (6-10), Self-Publishing Clients (3-5)

Other Work History

I have been having a love affair with books since 2001—most people would simply call it a career. Creating books is a true calling because I believe they are the most empowering, humanistic, and life-changing communication method in existence. My undergraduate degrees are in writing and psychology, which many consider to be at the heart of my offerings. I am a craftsperson, first and foremost, who can support clients so that the journey is collaborative and creative. A master of publishing degree launched me into the world of professional bookmaking. I have worked as a literary agent and performed many in-house editorial roles doing acquisitions, content development, and production. In 2015, I devoted my expertise to working directly with freelance clients. While I have worked with hundreds of manuscripts during this love affair, I average 25 book projects a year. I'd love to apply my experience to your book.


Phil Rutherford HarperCollins Memorial Scholarship


Master of publishing (MPUB) degree from Simon Fraser University; Studied advanced manuscript editing at New York University; Business training at the American Management Association (AMA)