Jessica Robles


Professional Experience

I've always been interested in telling stories even when it didn't seem so obvious before. After I immerse myself in a particular topic (e.g. international financial auditing principles, federal regulations, regional medical standards, or statutory legal developments), I work hard to turn complicated (and sometimes banal) subjects into something that connects with people (clients, patients, families, consumers). My undergraduate degree is in technical communications with a specialization in chemistry, and I anticipate earning a master’s degree in journalism from Harvard University (May 2019). SPECIALTIES: Telling true stories well, producing videos on a shoestring budget, managing social media strategies, developing platform-specific content, analyzing complex data to tell a compelling story.


5 Years
Social Media
3 Years
Entry Level


Women's Issues


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
Short Film
Online/new media

Total Media Industry Experience

5 Years



"With faith, a lot of work, and help from others, he and I can accomplish all that is and all that will be required to establish and maintain our new relationship as mother and son."
A project to promote articles on social media... but only in 120 seconds. No room for error.
Designed a photo overlay in 2 minutes to help promote a popular article related to 2016 presidential and congressional elections.
Medical Poster describing a multi-faceted approach to eliminate life-threatening infections in an urban medical institution's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in preparation for annual NICU Quality meeting.