Jodi Godfrey, MS, RD

Montclair, NJ USA
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Professional Experience

As a seasoned health writer/editor, I can reach wondering minds, sagging bodies, wishful thinkers, and health information seekers, looking for a timely dose of news about nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and wellness topics. For me, keeping up with evolving health and medical research is as essential as translating study findings into coherent, accurate and inviting content. For 12 years, I delivered a special feature, Conversation with the Experts, to the Journal of Women's Health, covering all medical concerns. I'm now coordinating the Advancing Women's Health Initiative, an interactive, digital compendium of sex and gender sensitive health education resources aimed to get sex and gender specific care into every medical school. And, as a registered dietitian I bring value added clinical expertise.


15 Years
23 Years
20 Years


24 Years
Women's Issues
14 Years
24 Years


Association publication
24 Years
Newsletter - Consumer
20 Years
Professional Journal
15 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

24 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Journal of Women's Health (10+), About Our Children Newspaper Magazine Supplement (10+), Advancing Womens Health blog (10+), Childhood Obesity journal (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

American Society of Pain Educators (3-5), The Creative Group (1-2)

Other Work History

Weight and Weight Symposium (Program Director); American Health Foundation's Food and Nutrition Council (Executive Director) and project coordinator for Expert Panel to Define Healthy Weight

Technical Skills

Website Management, Blog content communications

Computer Skills

Word, Endnote, PowerPoint, Windows XP


Fax, digital camera, telephone recorder, audio recorder


Janice Werbinski, MD Associate Clinical Professor, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Kalamazoo, MI 269-207-3426 Wendy Klein, MD, Senior Deputy Editor Journal of Women's Health Richmond, VA 804/828-3762


American Dietetic Assoc/NJ State Dietetic Association; NJ Business & Industry Assn


Journal of Womens Health Feature Columns

A list of topics covered in this monthly special feature, Conversation with the Experts, to demonstrate the breadth of health and medical conditions I have covered. Other medical conditions that I have written about in the past few years for this column, include: diet, fitness and exercise, weight management, fibroids, skin care, eye health, among many.
A discussion with Dr. Stampfer about the evidence that exists for use of vitamins and minerals to prevent chronic diseases specific to women for healthy aging.


Cornell Weill Women's Health newsletter article on the benefits of yoga.
There's nothing worse than cooking over a hot stove, specially when it's 90 plus degrees out, but eating out isn't always preferred or even affordable Still a family needs to eat, so suggestions are offered for easy dinner ideas that do not depend upon the oven, let alone the kitchen. In a second article, the common concern about whether or not children needs vitamin supplements is discussed. Vitamin Supplementation (Page 8); Eating Out to Beat the Heat (page 13-14)
Introduction and Conclusion sections to supplement containing presentations given by nationally recognized experts in body weight and health at an Expert Panel convened by the AHF.
Assessment of the newly revised food pyramid including an Interview with Walter Willett, MD (Harvard).
As editor and primary author, I developed and prepared stories, assigned articles, managed writers and worked with art director on layout and image selection. Most importantly, I revamped the internally produced newsletter to present a more engaging, informative and relevant member publication.
What do you do when your teenager announces a desire to become a vegetarian? The benefits and pitfalls of navigating the food choices of one family member when the entire family may not be there are discussed. Also, assuring that the teen understands the nutritional challenges that must be met to eat healthy are addressed from the perspective of a Kosher household.