Joel Keller

Morristown, NJ USA

Professional Experience

I like humor. I like food. I like entertainment. I've written about all three for various publications, although not at the same time (although comedy club reviews might incorporate all of this... I'll have to think about it).

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Village Voice (1-2), The New York Times (6-10), Downtown Magazine Group (6-10), New Jersey Tables (6-10), The Black Table (6-10), (3-5), Daily Record (Gannett) (3-5), (1-2), (1-2)

Computer Skills

Since I currently work full-time in the IT industry, I am well-versed in Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office applications, as well as a number of other software packages.


Laptop Digital Voice Recorder Digital Camera


Freelance Success



My car has a blue New Jersey plate. Yes, I'm an old fogey. But at least I have memories.
I'm a sys admin sick of having my time taken from me. Maybe it's time for us to take drastic measures.
PCs make mixes too damn easy to make.
An essay about the demise of the old TV Guide and why it became irrelevant.

Food Writing

News Articles


A profile of comedian Jim Breuer and how his homelife in Chester, NJ affects his stand-up act and Sirius radio show.