Judith Cole

Gastonia, NC USA
Website: www.linkedin.com/in/judycoleink/

Professional Experience

As a professional writer/editor/content maven with more than 20 years' experience, along with interviewing everyone from homeless artists, street soccer activists, business entrepreneurs, designers, chefs, magicians, musicians, assorted celebrities—and even the occasional ecdysiast and dominatrix—I’ve brainstormed/assigned/polished and published both long- and short-form content across a broad range subject matter encompassing pretty much any and everything that’s ever sprung to mind or fallen in my lap that demanded coverage. In addition to a keen ear for language, a finely tuned eye for trends, and the ability to turn out crisp, focused copy quickly and cleanly, I can keep a fair number of plates spinning at the same time, make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and I play well with others.


Book Author
18 Years
23 Years
23 Years


Women's Issues
25 Years
25 Years
25 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
13 Years
Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
2 Years
Online/new media
8 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

25 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Vibrant Living (10+), Men's Fitness (6-10), SexIs (10+), Charlotte Creative Loafing (6-10), Charlotte Magazine (6-10), Draft (1-2), Skirt! (1-2), Today's Charlotte Woman (10+), Twice As Good (10+), North Carolina Health News (3-5), Good News Network (10+), Worthpoint (3-5)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

The Writers for Hire (10+), Thoughtco (About.Com) (10+), Status Labs (10+)

Other Work History

Editor, Today's Charlotte Woman; Editor-in-Chief, Playgirl; Managing Editor, Montcalm Publishing; Special Projects Coordinator, Sexis


Full Adobe Creative Suite, Fully loaded iMac



Beer may be the beverage of choice for a night out with the guys or a day trip on a fishing boat, but macho image notwithstanding, "the suds that dreams are made of" was actually invented by women. Meet five fine brewmasters...who just happen to be female.
Charlotte's neighbor has a reputation for being home to criminals, crackheads and rednecks, but as is often the case, perception and reality aren't always the same.
Of all outsider artists, those furthest off the grid may be the homeless.
Big Mamma D's House of Burlesque serves up pulchritude with attitude. This one-woman juggernaut single-handedly puts the tease back into striptease.
Women in Bangladesh's garment industry break the pattern of poverty with education.
Canberra man struck down by illness finds that time has a way of healing—literally.
Neighborhood businesses rally together in "the würst" of times.
Well, that would explain Vixen...
But for the grace of Thin Lizzy, U2 might have simply been, "U who?"
Breast cancer survivor Cathy Bessant finds her greatest strengths overcoming obstacles.
Charlotte Community Health Centers’ mission is to provide one-stop, affordable healthcare for the most underserved patient populations.
Gaston County Public Library’s Community Read, “1,000 Reasons Why You Matter,” aims to raise awareness of bullying and deter teen deaths.
Through art, gardening, and soccer, Lawrence Cann is putting the humanity back into human services and getting the homeless off the street.
My Great Aunt Tutz bequeathed me her heirloom "amber bracelets" but would they be forever amber, or were they something else?
A self-professed vintage stove junkie confesses all in the pursuit of her perfect retro range.
Senior models become part of the scenery in magical landscapes that celebrate lives well lived.
Le Corbusier may be the more famous name, but in many ways, Charlotte Perriand was the driving creative force behind the legendary designer's throne.


Secrets are weeds, fed by stubborn will and fertile need, that demand to see the light of day.
For World Aids Day, SexIs commissioned a series of essays and articles that spoke to each writer's personal experience with the epidemic. This is mine.


Everyone has “the one that got away,” but what do you do when he comes back? That’s what homicide detective Gillian “Jilly” Delmar (a.k.a. the Wise Choice Herring heiress) is about to find out—in the middle of a murder investigation. When objectionable Professor Reginald Breedlove of Jilly’s alma mater, Castleford College, dies under sinister circumstances, Detective Delmar catches the case. She also catches sight of criminal profiler Dr. Raphael Hanlon, her long lost true love—and soon-to-be subject of an upcoming original Netflix series—for the first time in nearly two decades. Can the pair rekindle their passion, heal old wounds, cure the hiccups, and find the killer before he—or she—strikes again?
This poignant children's story in ebook format is perfect for parents to read to younger kids, or older kids to read themselves.
"Peculiar Parables for a Dubious Millennium" is a collection of curiously delightful fables aimed at sophisticated, slightly off-kilter kids and the proud parents who are raising them just outside the box, off the wall...and a little bit to the left of center.


Not being ready to settle down is no license to be a dog. Following these rules will help keep your karma clean while dating multiple partners.
Kid-friendly dining doesn't have to be "krazy."
Healthy eating. Healthy heart. What's not to love?
When the mowing gets turf, the turf gets mowing.


This spring, vintage is back in the vanguard.
A rumination on tomatoes, platinum blondes and the rise of Butch Chic


After destiny laid an egg, nothing was ever the same.